Introduce Yourself to the 2022 Book Club

Hello and welcome to the CCCOER EDI Book Club Group for the Summer of 2022. This space is open to view but to post here you should be logged into OEG Connect and then join the EDI Community Group .

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Please reply with a message, let others here know where you are located what you do, and what your experience is with EDI. What do you want to know more about?

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My name is Andrea Scott, and I’m the OER Coordinator for the Office of Learning Advancement at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) in Salt Lake City, Utah. I joined the Open SLCC Team in 2013 and co-led the development efforts of the initiative. I currently lead the operation efforts of the OER Initiative, Chair the Open SLCC Advisory Committee at SLCC, and serve on the CCCOER Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.

Since joining SLCC, I’ve advocated for knowledge equity and accessibility. In 2018 I co-developed the Student Advocacy and Outreach Internship Program, which includes Open Pedagogy and a student-centered approach to learning, allowing the ability to adjust the content to the intern’s experiences, aptitude, or estimated internship eligibility.

Before joining SLCC, I worked in the social services arena, supporting and developing programs that addressed educational barriers to student access and success for underserved and underrepresented populations. I’m interested in learning how I can better support teaching practices within the intersections of EDI and OER and how these practices might be applied in other areas of OER-related work. Looking forward to meeting and learning with you.

Guten Tag and Oki, kitohkanaksimatsimohpowa - I happily greet everybody in this circle. I am joining the book conversation from Treaty 7 territory in what is called Southern Alberta/ Canada today. I live and work remotely from a small town on traditional Sikiskaitsitapi (Blackfoot) lands. I look forward to dedicating time to my own personal development, based on the prompts in the book and in our conversations. I also hope to identify and/ or plan ways which I can bring positive change into my educational practice as an educational developer, a manager and a teacher.
Looking forward to our virtual meetings!

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