Keynote: Tim Chen, From Home Education to Open Education: An Experiment in Higher Education

Session Description
Unbounded by the national curriculum, the number of home educated students in Taiwan has tripled in the past 5 years. Meanwhile, only a handful of higher education institutions(HEIs) are experimenting with opening up access, content, pedagogy and recognition of their education. How to open an experiment in Taiwan’s higher education? Can 20 years of non-school-based experimental (home) education help?

JOIN the Keynote **November 18 9:00-10:00 am Taiwan (GMT+8)

Meet the Keynote
Tim Chen is the founder and the chief organizer of Taiwan Homeschool Advocates (THA). As the chief organizer of the largest homeschooling support network in Taiwan, Tim has been promoting the awareness of homeschooling by giving interviews to local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs. In 2020, Tim has been invited to be a panelist at Global Homeschool Leaders Panel, Homeschooling Global Summit and AERO Conference via the Internet. Tim is also the member of the Taiwan National Curriculum Review Committee Plenary Session representing non-governmental organizations related to education. He is the sitting member of the Ministry of Education Experimental Education Review Committees.

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09:54:55 Jenny Wilkins : any statistics on how many students we have in the experimental U?

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Jenny, I replied you directly.