Leeward Community College has saved students more than $6M with free, online textbooks

Students at Leeward Community College, which is located in Hawai’i, have saved over $6 million from the adoption of open resource. In the University of Hawai’i 10-campus system, Leeward CC are the leaders of zero-cost textbook classes. The campus has been conducting zero-cost textbook classes for a few years and during the pandemic, their usage increased. In Spring of 2021, over half their classes were instructed using zero-cost textbooks.

These savings are benefiting students immensely. Genesis Larson shares how, “With the money I didn’t have to spend on a textbook, I saw the world I was learning about.”

Leeward CC plans to only increase their usage of free educational resources within their classrooms. Read More>>

via OER Digest

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