MOOCs on Techno-Pedagogic Skills

This is an innovative MOOC to train teachers and learners for techno-pedagogic skills.
Please share the link, I also invite you to visit my google site to know more about the programme.

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Thanks, Jury for liking the post :slightly_smiling_face: Innovative MOOCs on Techno-Pedagogic Skills are gaining momentum because the teachers and the other professionals want to update themselves and acquire digital literacy which has now become a must for everyone.
To assist the ones who want to know and learn more about the same I thought of initiating innovative MOOCs which were welcomed by friends all over the globe :tulip:.
MOOC I was on google classroom and so far more than 500 friends have accessed the course through google website
YouTube Channel
and the course site the Google Classroom
It’s a humble request to all my friends to share, subscribe and participate in these innovative MOOCs in a way they can to encourage the OE and to reach the unreached