New journal on Open Educaation

Hi Commoning Colleagues :wink:

Would you like to contribute to a new journal on Open Education?

How we conduct research in education and how we report it needs to change and we all agree on that.

We are happy to announce a scientific journal on Open Education that tries to build collective intelligences needed to contribute to the knowledge society and tie together the different bits and pieces of knowledge that are scattered around the globe in communities, association, scientific organisations, etc.

Some highlights:

  • welcoming articles in languages from all over the world so that actors can express concepts in their own language;
  • translating an extended summary of the article in the 6 UN languages (+ other languages according to available competences);
  • ensuring a transparent and open peer review;
  • pre-print deposit on an open repository upon sending for review (with a DOI ideally);
  • calling for integrity and a deep and sound ethics of all actors.

We would welcome your inputs on the journalโ€™s mission and scope, especially regarding openness and governance - .

We would welcome your inputs on all other issue of the journal so that it becomes a sustainable adventure - translation, ergonomic design of the workflow, infrastructure, communication, crowdfunding, etc.

We would welcome your inputs as practitioner and researcher in Open Education.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Barbara Class


This looks like a wonderful initiative Barbara!

Agree with Leo, looks like a great initiative. I will take a look at the journal.