OEAwards Nominations Are Open!

The call for nominations is now open. See https://awards.oeglobal.org/ for an overview of the award categories and details on the process.

But most importantly, look for the red button to submit a nomination.

Together we stand for a world of openness where knowledge is openly and freely accessible. The Open Education Global acknowledges these efforts, alliances and collaborations through the 2021 OEAwards categories.

Again, we will be planning a series of posts here giving insight into the different categories. But for now review them and start reflecting on who/what to nominate.

People in Open

Individual awards are special merit awards presented to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to advance openness in education.

  • Leadership Award
  • Educator Award
  • Support Specialist Award
  • Emerging Leader Award
  • Student Award

What We Share

Open assets are what open education initiatives produce and use, tangible goods (usually digital) with educational purpose and value. Open assets are produced, curated, and distributed in ways that make them freely accessible, usable, and improvable by others.

  • Best OER
  • Open Curation / Repository
  • Open Reuse / Remix/ Adaptation
  • Open Infrastructure

How We Share It

Open Practices are collective behaviors and techniques that open up access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning.

  • Open Pedagogy
  • Open Collaboration
  • Open Research
  • Open Policy
  • Open Innovation

Special Awards

The Open Education Awards for Excellence provide annual recognition to outstanding contributions in the Open Education community. While the core categories (individual, resources & practices) remain the same each year, we always look for ways to reflect new trends and emerging innovations in the Open Education Movement.

  • Open Resilience Award
  • Unesco OER Implementation

We hope these categories start planting seeds of ideas for who/what you might nominate for 2021 Open Education Award for Excellence.

Full details are at https://awards.oeglobal.org/