OEG Connect Open During Cleanup

We launched OEG Connect almost 2 years ago.

While we have seen fantastic use for our 2020 and 2021 online conferences plus Open Education Week I, Alan, blame me for the mess, recognize it has grown a bit like a sprawling monster. OEG Connect is due for some streamlining. Especially for the front entrance. It’s hard to find topics, and there have been too many links there.

This is just to let you know, we are open during cleaning, and you may start to see a few changes soon.

Wikimedia Commons image Cleaning Facilities by Rwebogora licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

No existing URLs will be broken! But there will be an effort to reduce the number of categories, and collapse things a bit in organization. Look for more soon!

If you have questions, or better, suggestions on what would make this space better, use that Reply button below.

We are open during the cleaning process.


This is very exciting! We are eager to see the changes.

Well, I already may have cause some chaos as moving posts into different categories looks like it is sending a lot of update notices by email.

Like I wrote earlier, blame me! but while here, why not pop in and reply to one of those latest items or go where all the activity is happening.

Or… better yet, select an area that looks of interest, go inside, and start a new topic.

The switch was flipped 3 days ago… did anyone notice?