OEGlobal Membership – Special Offer for OE Week 2023

Hello Karen, My organization is a member and I had a faculty member sign up for the individual offer. Does the system recognize member institutions (via email) or is there information I can share with faculty to let them know that they have membership via the institutional membership? Thank you in advance.

Hi Kim, I am afraid our system is not that sophisticated! Matching by email domains is tricky as some institutions have multiple formats.

What we should do if not already is provide information before someone fills out a form asking them to check first if their organization is a member.

We do scan the affiliations listed when someone applies. It has happened in the past that one person contacted who was affiliated with a member, and when we reached out, they acknowledged that they really sought the individual membership especially if they foresaw a time when they worked for a different organization. It might be less about the benefits and costs and more that a person wants to be active as an individual.

If you contact us with that persons name we will reach out and offer them to be active as an individual. We are not sending payment requests for new ones for a while.

All in all it’s a positive sign! Thanks for bringing Conestoga College in as a new member!

Alan- Thanks for the response to Kim. I do agree that there may be people that would like to join as individuals even if their institution is a member. But as you suggest, we should add a line on our form asking folks to check.

Kim- The other thing I might suggest is to communicate/advertise to your faculty and staff via emails, website, etc.- that Conestoga College is an institutional member of OE Global which entitles all individuals affiliated with your College to the membership benefits. It can help bring recognition of your Open Ed work across your campus.

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Hi, thank you both. I think we could definitely do more internal advertising and I will work on that. I think what might be helpful is if I knew how people from Conestoga should log in for the first time.

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Hi Kim, folks from Conestoga can create an OEG Connect account by going to this link:
And then they will click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top, right hand corner.
They can also just go to https://connect.oeglobal.org/signup and it will take them directly to the sign up window.
After creating the account, they can post in any space on OEG Connect. They can check out the OE week discussions and post in the CCCOER category if they would like. There is also a members-only space here on OEG Connect.

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I have some colleagues interested but they are Spanish speaking professors… is the Membership consider both languages?

Hola Maria,
La Membresia de OE Global incluye muchas discusiones aqui en OEG Connect. Es posible que usted comience un tema de discusión en español. Además, el área de OE LATAM tiene muchas discusiones en español. ¡Esperamos que usted y sus colegas participen!

Espero que algunos miembros de nuestro personal de habla espanol también respondan aquí. @marcela

Good morning, I have joined as an individual member and have completed the process. The final message of the process says to respond the the welcome message but unfortunately, the link to the welcome message is missing. Can you tell me where the Welcome message is? @karencang

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Thank you Irene for pointing out this oversight on our part! So sorry about that!
You can find the link HERE.

I would love it if you would write the first response. :grinning:
Thank you!!

Hello again, I clicked your link and received a message that the link does not work. (I think I am cursed!

It’s not you, it’s us! :grinning: Thank you for your patience with this process! I think that now that you have been added to the individual members group, the link should work. But please give it a try and let me know. I am really sorry for all of the technical issues! We should have them sorted soon.

Thank you so much that is super helpful!

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Thanks for this special offer! I’ve been hanging around the hallways here for a while. Now it’s time to get engaged in the many conversations happening in so many spaces. (Helen DeWaard) :blush:

Hi Karen!

I’m trying to sen my application form and it seems that thereś a problem with my OEG connect user name :roll_eyes: and I can’t send it.
Would you please help me?

Thanks in advance!

Your OEG Connectusername is @adita
Make sure you put the “@” sign in front. Let me know if that works!

There may have been a problem with our form… please try again.

Hi Ada,

Your OEG Connect username is @adita. Is that what you tried to enter into the form? There might be a problem if you forgot to use the “@” sign.

Let me know if that works,

Thanks for your quick answer, Karen!

As you can see in the pic, I put the username with the @ sign, but it didn’t work. I can’t send the form.

I made an edit to the form, can you try it again? So sorry for the technical problem.
Please close the form, refresh your window and then try again.

It looks like it worked! Yay! Thank you for your patience - and welcome to OE Global as an individual member. :smiley:

Thank you for your support Karen!

I changed the web browser and tried again. Sent! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :v:t2:

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