OEGlobal21 and the UNESCO OER Recommendations explained by Colin de la Higuera

“It made a lot of sense to associate Open Education Global with UNESCO in this common cause; because they both work on a different level. Where UNESCO provides a global view and is pushing for a better future, it is important that Open Education Global is, or remains, the place where experiences from the ground, and from all over the world are shared. And as this sharing is established and discussed, it can be passed on to others.”

The link between the OEGlobal21 Online Conference and the UNESCO OER Recommendations is explained in this welcome message from #OEGlobal21 co-host University of Nante’s Colin de la Higuera.

Colin is also a UNESCO OER Chair. You can find him in OEG Connect as @cdlh

A transcript of this video is available here in English, French and Spanish (with thanks to @Ceslause and @Mario):

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