OER infrastructure (repositories, learning management systems etc)

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at TIB in Hannover, Germany, we build a repository for teachers in higher education at universities in Lower Saxony https://www.oernds.de. Beside this regioinal solution we also started an Open Source project for an OER Search Index https://www.oersi.de to connect the content of distributed repositories. At this early stage in a beta version it has only a german interface, but we plan to support english and other languages as well. Is anyone working on similar projects and interessted in collaboration on an international, multi-lingiual and sustainable open source solution?

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Interesting initiative! Are you familiar with X5Gon or LRE? They also have searches that connect content of distributed repositories.

We also have a fairly new regional repository here in Finland, called aoe.fi or Library of Open Educational Resources. You mention learning management systems in the title. Do you have cooperation with LMS’s in Germany with your repository? We currently have API’s for metadata transfer to show the metadata in LMS list views or library views, but are looking for better ways to bring OER to LMS’s and maybe even get OER’s in LMS’s to repositories so that they would be usable for more people.

Yes, I know about X5Gon, as one of our partners in the Lower Saxony repository project was also a partner in X5Gon. I did not know LRE, but somthing similar for schools, that is build on the same technology as oersi.org is https://wirlernenonline.de/ .

I have seen your repository aoe.fi some weeks ago, and it looks great. When I opened it in Google Chrome, I was aslo able to see the german translation, and I think it would be interesting to talk about some kind of coopereation e.g. on metadata and vobaulary.

When we started our repository project one year ago, we thought about connecting it to all LMS from the universities, especially Moodle, Ilias and StudIP. We already found some plugins, that enable us to search our repository within Moodle and Ilias, but for the other direction, sharing content from the LMS in the repository, there are still some issues, like the lack of metadata in LMS and sharing capabilites for courses and units.