#OERcampglobal Updates from the Team

This where the team from the #OERcampglobal headquarter share the latest news from organising the first 48-hour Unconference on Open Education and OER.

#OERcampglobal Update Nr. 1

Spread the word! Poster available in six languages!
You may already know our poster/flyer. We’ve just finished translation for all six UN languages. Please help us spread the word! You can find all six versions on our website :point_right: https://promote.oercamp.global/.

Please promote OERcamp.global!
Please believe us when we say: We really DO know that OERcamp.global comes somewhat at short notice. That’s why we really need YOU to spread the word within your communities and your regions. Please use the posters mentioned above. We are also more than happy to send you a text to forward. Thank you in advance, so much!

Get a Sched Account!
Do you already know Sched? No? Then you should get to know it. It’s awesome for organising your own schedule. We will publish everything concerning the programme via Sched. You just need to sign up to create your own schedule :point_right: https://oercampglobal2021.sched.com/ . (Yes, it’s free for attendees. We’ve already paid for up to 500 accounts.)

You (yes, you!) can submit a session!
We have already over 80 sessions! All these sessions were submitted by someone like you! OERcamp.global is a BarCamp. This is: YOU are the ones who determine what topics to discuss. By simply submitting a session. It does not need a glossy presentation based on 25 years of research. You are totally welcome to start a session with no more than a question and an invitation to share thoughts and experiences. You can submit your session via :point_right: https://present.oercamp.global/ .

Videos and conversation on twitter!
Did you know that we are posting all sessions and keynotes on twitter, as soon as we’ve learned about them? And there are also videos in which Jöran is explaining OERcamp.global. Our explanations might not be the most sophisticated ones. But they come to you directly from our daily work in our headquarters. Take a look for yourself: :point_right: https://twitter.com/oercamp

Warm greetings from
Team OERcamp.global

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#OERcampglobal Update Nr. 2

From 30 to 70+ sessions in one week!
Last week we were overjoyed to present the first 30 sessions. And only a week late we can announce that there are now more than 80 sessions already! Please, take a look at this fantastic schedule, made by YOU, the global Open Education Community. :point_right: https://oercampglobal2021.sched.com/

We will have not only sessions but also plenary hours and keynotes. These are the things we are organising right now! This is currently a huge jigsaw puzzle of bringing all the pieces into one schedule. But we promise! It’s a matter of a few days before you can see the result with talks from Chile to France, from Senegal to California, from South Africa to Sweden.
(Well, okay, we can’t wait to let you know of the first commitments we just received! Neil Butcher from South Africa will be there with a talk “My Journey Towards Openness: Reflections on why we engage with open licensing”. Ebba Ossiannilsson from Sweden will speak, as well as Werner Westermann from Chile. There are even rumors that the great Jim Groom himself might host a karaoke session! Okay, more to come, next week.)

Get a Sched-Account, really!
Sched is the platform where you can organize your own schedule. You can browse the program items and add everything interesting to your individual agenda. Sched even transfers all the dates and times to your time zone. Please take a look for yourself on https://oercampglobal2021.sched.com/.

Warm greetings from
Team OERcamp.global

#OERcampglobal Update Nr. 3

We hit the 100
This morning we received the 100th session submission. To be honest, we are barely keeping up coordinating all your great submissions. Please apologize if it currently may take a day or two to update the programme.

This is number 100 in our schedule.
In our schedule you can not only find the BarCamp sessions but also 15 plenary hours. (More on them in a second.) So we have already published the 100th item in our schedule. It’s a session by Zherluck Shaen Rodriguez on “Climate Change Education in Action by Department of Education in Philippines”. The session will discuss the role of OER in Climate Change Education and will take place in hour 47.

Plenary hours
During plenary hours there will be no parallel sessions but special events, mostly keynotes to present insights from different parts of the world. You get an overview when you filter sched for “plenary hours”. Here are some of them:

  • My Journey Towards Openness: Reflections on why we engage with open licensing | by Neil Butcher
  • OER in Western Africa (working title) | by Michel Kenmoe
  • To hell with Curriculum! What next? | by Werner Westermann
  • The French national OER strategy and projects | by Eric Mechoulan
  • OER - a new social contract for learning throughout the lifespan | by Ebba Ossiannilsson
  • The UNESCO Recommendation on OER – Quo Vadis? | by Gašper Hrastelj
  • Open for Antiracism: Using Open Education to Support Antiracist Teaching | by James Glapa-Grossklag • Una Daly • Joy Shoemate
  • Friday Night Karaoke | by Jim Groom • Chahira Nouira
  • Reflecting on Open Education in North America: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Headed | by Nicole Allen • Regina Gong
  • Strategies for addressing the UN OER recommendations for Francophone West Africa: Developing OER in French Language | by Prof. Moustapha Diack • Mrs. Sushumna Rao

Website visits from 99 countries
Last time we checked the stats for our website it listed visits from 99 countries in the last 30 days. This gave us goosebumps!

Have a look at update one and two for further information
We introduced the programme, more sessions and the 3 P’s.

Warm greetings from
Team OERcamp.global