OERigin Stories: Chapter IV & V Discussion Prompts for June 29, 2023

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This week will be exploring chapters IV & V of OERigin Stories: Pathways to the Open Movement, and our discussion prompts are outlined below…

Chapter 4’s Focus (Open Education Projects, Textbooks, or Groups you have been a part of ?)

Discussion - Antonette (Chat - Julia)

  1. What else needs to be done to better understand the needs of our stakeholders when they are in the process of either adopting or expanding their OER efforts? How do we overcome challenges to expansion while incorporating principles of diversity?
  2. How you do you implement Open Pedagogy? Do you combine it with community engagement?
  3. How best can we address justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within OER Education?

Chapter 5’s Focus (Your role in the future of open education?)

Discussion - Antonette (Chat - Julia)

  1. What have you done in your realm to enhance students’ learning through OER Education, and to better your communities through this social justice lens of Open Pedagogy in a way that matters and in a way that is impactful?
  2. How does OER Education accommodate students of color unique experiences in the learning process? How equitable is this accommodation in comparison to their white classmates?
  3. What are your states doing to create good and sound policy as well as infrastructure to support OER efforts? Are there intentional collaboration efforts in your states and across the country? Do states need it/ have it/ want it? Thoughts.

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