OEWeek Live: Followup Discussion for Student Panel on Developing GenAI Literacy

Here is a place for followup of discussion for the OE Week Live session on “Developing Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Literacy: A student-led panel” featuring students in Digital Education programs from the University of Leeds and Edinburgh University.

:date: When: 2024-03-06T16:00:00Z
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:tv: Watch: Live or recording later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjJsuEZ6VtQ
:people_holding_hands:t4: Panelists

  • Sarah Nutt (host), MA Student in Digital Education, School of Education, University of Leeds, UK
  • Maria Pavlopoulou, MA Student in Digital Education, School of Education, University of Leeds, UK
  • Matt Sanders. MSc Student in Digital Education, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Samantha Watson, MA Student in Digital Education, School of Education, University of Leeds, UK
  • Stefanos Alifierakis, MSc Student in Digital Education, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

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About this Panel

We are thrilled to invite you to an open online live streamed event organised by students from the MA in Digital Education within the School of Education at the University of Leeds
and students from the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Open Education Global during Open Education Week 2024.

On the 6th of March 2024, 4 pm UK time, you are all warmly welcome to join us to discuss and debate methods and ideas to develop students’ Generative AI literacy.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (or, for short, GenAI) has gathered significant attention since January 2023 and discussions around its potential use in education have become widespread. Multiple research papers and articles are focusing on this topic, while a new aspect of it is currently gaining prominence – the question of how students can become AI-literate. As we contemplate the possible revolution that AI can bring to the education field, we should reflect more on how well-equipped students are to navigate this ever-changing terrain.

This event presents a chance to engage with students, hear their voices and concerns about the use of GenAI in Higher Education and embrace their ideas to promote AI literacy. Focusing on uniting as a community of educators and students, we aim to initiate an open, critical, and creative discussion on students’ GenAI literacy.

This event aims to expand both personal and collective perspectives and foster collaboration between educators and students in co-deciding efficient ideas to promote students’ GenAI literacy focusing on practical implications, valuable opportunities, and ethics concerns. Through this discussion, all will have the opportunity to dynamically explore this crucial topic. How can we as students control and leverage GenAI, so that it will not deceive, prevail, or weaken us?

The live streamed discussion, scheduled to last one hour, will be hosted by OEGlobal during Open Education Week. A student panel discussion will be held and, subsequently, an open session for questions and answers will be conducted to actively involve the audience in the dialogue.

Watch live on YouTube where you can send questions and comments to the panel, or see the recording afterward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjJsuEZ6VtQ

All students, educators and the wider public with an interest in GenAI literacy are welcome to join and engage in the conversation here by clicking the reply button below