Open education & new Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science (CBIKS)?

Thanks again, Curt for bringing us a reminder of CBIKS here (noting your earlier mention when we introduced the braiding concept).

This is part of our interest in continuing to investigate and looks for ways to engage in acts of braiding, it absolutely resonated with many attendees of the OEGlobal 2023 conference.

I wonder too about how connections can be made and we will try to look for more news as the project unfolds, but at least we can see the broad range of institutions and organizations involved listed at the bottom here

It’s interesting and relevant that a connection is to the Earth and climate change, from the original conference vision on Two Eyed Seeing reference from the Institute for Integrative Science and Health is a “braid” to the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia that started in 2003, centered on this braiding approach to environmental science.

I hope we can raise more interest and action, and we will try to monitor CBIKS opportunities as the project unfolds. And please everyone share other related, relevant links… er braids, here.