Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap: Section B (Support)

Hello all! This week we’re focusing on Section B of the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap, which asks you to think about the different kinds of support that are available for your open pedagogy project. This includes structural and systemic support (within your institution, discipline, consortium, etc.), logistical support (i.e., the people who can help you), and technological support (i.e., the tools to carry out your project). You can use the complete workbook to note the support you already have and identify gaps where you need to find support. Just download and make a copy for yourself.

@riehmanmurphy and I are curious to find out:

  • Are there any areas where you’re struggling to find the support you need?
  • Have you found support in any unexpected places?
  • What are the tools or technologies that you find most useful for open pedagogy? Are there aspects to this work that you haven’t been able to find an ideal tool to fully suit your needs?