Open Reuse / Remix / Adaptation Award: The OER Starter Kit Workbook

The OER Starter Kit Workbook is a remix of the OER Starter Kit to include worksheets to help instructors practice the skills they need to confidently find, use, or even create open educational resources (OER). Instructors, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, and anyone else interested in OER are welcome to explore the OER Starter Kit Workbook. The OER Starter Kit Workbook allows for annotation through the Manifold platform and includes worksheets for independent reflection and planning.

Stacy Katz
Lehman College
Bronx, NY, United States

Abbey Elder
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa, United States

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Hello, OEGlobal attendees! I’m happy to answer questions about this resource if anyone is interested, or to simply talk about what you’re working on, if you’d like to share your own projects in this space that are compatible with the Starter Kit! Perhaps we can add a new Appendix with similar resources in a second edition? I’d like to hear your thoughts :grin:

Wonderful idea @AbbeyElder. :slight_smile: :+1:

Hello @AbbeyElder, I would like to know more about the starter kit and How I can use it with my students?

Hi there, the OER Starter Kit Workbook is intended for use for professional development with faculty, librarians, and instructional designers. Parts could be used or adapted for use with students if they need to understand or find OER.


Thank you for your question! As Stacy (my co-author on the Workbook) replied, the text is intended for faculty training, but it can be used for students as well. I know some graduate programs in Education have assigned chapters from the Starter Kit as readings to help explain Creative Commons licensing and open pedagogy, for example. Really, how you use the book is up to you! It is free to access and download online. You can assign readings within it, structure a class around it, or use the worksheets we’ve attached to the Workbook as activities in your class. I’d recommend poking around the resource and seeing what speaks to you. I’m happy to answer questions anytime as well.