Pay Tribute to Paul

Kia ora - Greetings from New Zealand!

@paulstacey A very special thank you from the OER practitioners here in the Pacific. Your generous gift of time, knowledge and expertise has had a significant impact on shaping our work at the OERu and the OER Foundation. A few memories from the past …

Paul Stacey facilitating the development of an open business model for the OERu partnership in Toowoomba, Australia in 2015 published under CC-BY-SA license.

Just for the fun of it - to prove you were open before the age of mainstream adoption of Web-conferencing tools, we have a video recording of a teleconference with you providing feedback on the outcomes of a SCoPE seminar with recommendations for the inaugural OERu credential.

Thanks for all you have done for open and what you will continue to contribute in the future.