Share your favorite Open Education research for OEWeek

Building an Open Education Research Community

During OEWeek join CCCOER’s Research & Impact Committee for a 20-minute webinar for an introduction to the committee’s history and emerging CCCOER discussions and resources around open educational research and impact. We’ll explore how the committee can seed cross-institutional collaboration and be a place for new research connections. Participants will be invited to share their perspectives on Open Education (OE) research and contribute to ongoing discussions about the impact of open education on institutions and the students they serve.

Date: Tuesday,2024-03-05T20:00:00Z2024-03-05T20:20:00Z

Visit Announcing the 2024 Spring Webinar Series – CCCOER to see all CCCOER events and to register.

Following the webinar, the OE community is invited to share their favorite OE research on this thread.