Show and Tell :-) for Summer Open Pedagogy Adventure

Hello, August!

Seems like we just got started a few weeks ago but before all the summer fun fades, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Please consider sharing an “Open Pedagogy” update with us on Tues, August 10, our last scheduled zoom meeting. We also know summer plans have a way of changing so welcome hearing about challenges that came up, too. A few experts will be on hand to bounce ideas off.

Thanks for replying to this message if you plan to attend and share about your open pedagogy project or even ideas that you are considering from participating in the learning community this summer.


Thank you @DDLAKE22 for sharing your H5P Timeline project with everyone next Tues, August 10. Looking forward to that!

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Thank you to @donmatthewbloom and Monica Affleck from KPU who will share their UN Sustainability Development Goal project for next year with all of us.

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Hi everyone! Sorry I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s session as I have a training conflict, but I just wanted to share some of the progress I made with OPSA this summer.

I was lucky enough to be part of the team that just published the new Introduction to College Research open textbook this past spring. Even though I helped create the supplementary Canvas modules, I had absolutely no time to use the new text or modules in my own class in spring!

Right now I’m adding three of the modules to my class: The Age of Algorithms, Fact-Checking, and Searching the Web: Strategies and Considerations. I think that’s a doable goal because fall semester is approaching faster than I care to admit! I was hoping to get more done, but I’m going to call this a win.

Looking forward to watching the recording later! Thanks for a fun summer adventure, all!

Thanks to everyone who came along on this adventure this summer! We had our final synchronous meeting today, and for the show and tell section, we heard from

  • Dr. Deidre Tyler, Salt Lake Community
  • Matthew Bloom, Scottsdale Community
  • Monica Affleck, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Suzanne Wakim also led a discussion asking attendees: what they learned about open pedagogy, what they’re planning to implement, and what challenges they have had incorporating open pedagogical practices into their courses.

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Thanks for sharing your fall plan @cynthia. I love the new book you helped author and the topics around Algorithms, Disinformation, and Search strategies and the intersection with implicit and confirmation bias are really cutting edge and not available in course curriculums yet. Keep us posted on the engagement strategies and renewable assignments with your students.

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Is there a recording? Or is there a way to get involved in this?

Hi Ajita- the recording is in the post two messages above!

And as for getting involved, this whole area of OEG Connect remains open for continued discussion and sharing.

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