What is the Open Pedagogy Summer Adventure? (2021 Archive)

From the first year of the open pedagogy adventures…

The Community College Consortium of OER (CCCOER) organized a Summer 2021 series of activities with an overall theme of improving Open Pedagogy practices. The adventurous part is that these are largely asynchronous so you can choose when to explore theme. These remain open and look for new offerings -the adventure continues.

Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

Welcome to the Open Pedagogy Summer Adventure! Maybe paragliding over mountain peaks is not your style, but that’s the point. Choose your interests and modality.

How Will This Work?

It’s an adventure! That means that this a bit experimental.

In short, when you visit this area of OEG Connect, you will always find a collection of recent prompts, questions, activities posted by our facilitation team. You can pick any that sounds interesting, and jump in with a response.

We offered in 2021 a regular series of synchronous sessions as a summary and check-in opportunities (Meeting Registration - Zoom), but the main adventure timing is left to you, others who join in, and where our conversations lead us.

Our general areas of interest are topics that have come from the suggestions of CCCOER members, they will be tagged so you can find all topics from the same group.

The specific activities and direction will take shape from those that choose to participate.

What Do I Need to Do to Participate?

You will need an account to log in to OEG Connect. Perhaps you made one previously to participate in the OE Global 2020 Conference. If not, you can create one right away the first time you click reply to any topic in this space.

We are asking everyone planning to join the adventure to respond to our opening question where we ask you to introduce yourself and declare what your Open Pedagogy goals are for the summer. This is the best place to start.

You can either log in to Connect or use the option to create an account (learn more about account creation).

Then you pretty much type in the box! This is all conversational. Reply to others, include links. For more details on how to use the writing tools see the Connect Writing Tips.

For more help in using this space, see the OEG Connect Guide. If you need help at any time, send a message to our help team or email us connect@oeglobal.org

How Do I Keep Up With All of This?

Join the CCCOER Open PD group to receive updates of new activities and to find other participants who are in this experience with you.

The Connect platform has a fairly sophisticated notification system, with activity indicators shown over your icon in the top right (when logged in) and via email if you are not active on the site. Typically you will receive notifications whenever someone replies to something you have written.

But if a topic is of high interest, you can change the notification setting from Normal to Watching

Learn more about actions and notifications in Connect.


2021 Schedule

Much of the activities here can be done at any time and there will be things to do in all areas over the summer.

But to maintain the adventure level, we are planning a series of Tuesday live sessions (12pm PDT/3pm EDT) to offer updates and insight into our topics (this is subject to change as we learn more about what participants want to do over the summer). Meeting Registration - Zoom

Are you ready to join in the Summer Adventure? Let us know what kinds of adventures you are seeking.