Actions and Notifcations

September 15, 2020

Make note of a few more ways you can participate and manage information in OEG Connect from the icons at the bottom of a post.

Liking a post with the heart button :white_heart: ought to be a familiar action. It sends a notice to the author as well as adds to the way the post is calculated for activity. It’s a nice thing to do!

The Share button share lets you copy the link for a post or topic, as well as allows you to share it by email or in social media (currently in twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

If you see the pencil button pencil it means this is your own post/topic, and you can edit it.

And the bookmark button bookmark can be used to save a link to an item to your personal bookmarks collection of posts/messages you want to return to.


The discourse platform that runs OEG Connect provides a few ways to keep you notified of activity.

When someone refers to you — by replying to you, quoting one of your posts, mentioning your @username , or even linking to your post, a number will immediately appear over your profile picture at the top right. Select it to access your notifications . You will see a second number on the top left of your icon if you have received any private messages.


If you have not visited OEG Connect for a while, you will receive email notifications of recent activity, including ones that are in response to you. Check your own notifications now

You can also set the timing for (or turn off) notifications in your account settings

Watching Topics

For topics of interest, you can tell OEG Connect to notify you about related activity. At the bottom of the series of replies, look for the menu below the bottom action buttons.

You can change the default level from Normal (meaning you will be notified if you are mentioned or replied to) to Watching which provides more updates about activity in that topic. Or you can Mute the topic of you prefer not to be notified of activity there.

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