Navigating OEG Connect

September 15, 2020

The majority of content on OEG Connect is open for the world to read (a few areas might be limited to staff, OEG members, and participants in events).

The basic unit of information is a “post.” The first post made for a particular discussion is he “topic” and the ones listed below in a topic are “replies.” Topics are organized into categories listed on the left side of the main OEG Connect page.

Viewing Topics

The front page provides an overview of all discussions across the community. Items on the right are listed in the order of newest.

The link for “Top” will display the topics with the most activity. You can also navigate into the category structure via the left menu. The same options for filtering posts is available within a category too.

Inside a category you will see important topics and ones that summarize the category, pinned to the top of the list with a “Pin” icon and a grey background. You can get a sense of the activity within by glancing at the icons representing participants. The platform will indicate new topics added since your last visit by placing them above the red last visit bar.

The topic titles on the left can be clicked to see the most recent reply in the discussion. The title will be grey rather than black if you have seen everything in that topic.

If you want to enter a topic at the top of the discussion, click either the reply count or the last activity indicator.

OEG Connect Categories

Our initial design of OEG Connect includes these broad categories of discussion, and within them, many topics to participate in:

Navigation Menus

When you are logged into OEG Connect, the navigation menu that appears under your user icon in the top right provides useful links to see your notifications, bookmarks, and private messages, as well as a way to get to your account settings.


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