The OEG Connect Visual Metaphor Challenge

Among the easiest media to create and share openly and reuse are photos. And visual imagery is important in creating OER content. Finding and attributing photos is also one of the more useful entrees into understanding open content.

Finding photos of specific things- carbon molecules, elephants, ocean waves, is easy. But what about representing more abstract ideas and concepts, e.g. visual metaphor

As a recurring OEG in Action activity, we will offer a Metaphor Challenge and ask you to submit an image that illustrates it well.

Photographers are welcome to submit their own original photos. You are also welcome to use open license collections like Creative Commons, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc. But go beyond the first results, the typical cliché type images. Try to find something more obscure.

But no matter how you get an image, aim to include good practices of attribution, TASL - Title, Author, Source (url), and License. If it’s your own photo, that that’s the source. Pick your license.

And consider going the extra mile- explain your search strategy or your inspiration for an original photo. What’s the story behind the image.

Are you ready for the first OEG Connect Visual Metaphor? It’s relevant…

Share an original or open licensed photo that suggests Meaningful Connection. Skip the cliché hands held together, pointing to devices, or people at conferences. Scroll deeper into the results or try alternative keyword if searching.

Maybe it’s “Geometric windows in a white building with satellite dish” by Marco Zoppi found at shared under an Unsplash license. I like the abstract repeating patterns of the windows and satellite dishes.


You can hopefully do better! We will see what kind of photos people share. Add replies to ones you like and/or click the like buttons to vote for your favorites.

Will there be prizes? Maybe just bragging rights. But it’s more about connecting here.

Show us Meaningful Connection in a photo.

Continuing with the metaphor of windows and satellite dish, here’s another interpretation.
As expressed by the author…

“We’re all walking pastiches of the connections we’ve formed and those we’ve yet to become a part of, some closer than others, some clearer, others less so”.

Our Pulsating Hearts”, by Richard Smith, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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Oh, yes that is an evocative image! I’m always curious what was the search words that brought you here.

Love the idea of a “visual metaphor”. An image is worth a 1,000 words. We are surrounded by text all day, looking at images trying to find different interpretations is a nice change of pace. :slight_smile:

I was trying to consider the concept (Meaningful Connections) in terms of possible outcomes. For me, one outcome of meaningful connections is creation of a sense of belonging/community where people with diverse backgrounds come together and can collectively also create something new. This notion, in my view, is encapsulated quite well in this image.

Attribution: “Party Holi Happy Summer People” by Sven Kammann found at shared under a Pixabay license.

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Wonderful picture. So colorful and dynamic. Clearly portraying how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Really like that picture Igor - people having fun being creative together.

Last evening on my bike ride along the downtown Vancouver seawall I was struck by the heart lights in the city buildings.

Expressions of care, appreciation, and empathy create a sense of community bond.