Welcome to OEG Connect

As an organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advancing open education around the world, Open Education Global (OE Global) offers this place for connection between everyone around the world with these same interests.

You will find in this community an open place to exchange ideas, resources, projects related to open education, as well as some specific programmed activities to show directly the value of open education.

This site is running in discourse, the open source software for supporting “civilized discussions.” Most of our site is open to the public to read, but participation on discussions requires an account (see the Sign Up button in the upper right corner).

Are you new to Discourse? If you like a written guide, see Discourse New Users Tips and Tricks. For something more interactive, try our helper account @connectbot – If you just click that users name, it’s profile will appear. Click Message and just anything, like “help”. Connectbot will respond to you with tips as a private message.

Maybe you are just the type of person that prefers to look around and explore. Great! Our initial design includes several broad categories of discussion, and within them, many topics to participate in:

This is our starting structure, but it is not fixed. Do you have a suggestion of other ways you would like to interact here? Have a topic of interest? Do you want to lead a discussion? Just reply and tell us- this is your community to help shape.

If you have any questions ask them directly to any OE Global Staff member.