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We are just launching OEG Connect as a community, so this is a great place to hear from everybody who enters, to say “hello” in a reply that includes:

  • What is the usual way in the place you live to say hello?
  • Let us know your name, what part of the world you live in, what organization / institution you work for.
  • Why / how is open education important to your work?
  • Share one personal experience where you benefited or experienced something unexpected from an act of openness.
  • What would you like to get out of this community space?

Goodbye hellos? No. We never say goodbye here, but since this topic as grown so long, we are going to close it, and open a brand new hello space.


Just saying HELLO. to the new community!


And the community says hello back, Susan.


I wanted to share my word cloud because I noticed the “connect” … thought it was appropriate.


Kia ora open educators!

Bringing you greetings from the deep south of New Zealand.

I’m based with the OERu international partnership where we are open sourcing education.

Great to see another open community space powered with a little Discourse open goodness.


And a big OE Global hello to you, thanks Wayne for joining in.

OERu is influential in so many ways, and we have followed their lead in the platform and approach for this community.


Glad to have you join!

Tēnā koutou katoa! Greetings to you all, also from the far south (but not quite as far south as @Mackiwg :wink: ) of New Zealand - I’m pleased to be able to join you all from Christchurch. Thanks for adding a bit of northern light to our murky, misty, chilly winter morning! I work with @Mackiwg at the OER Foundation - we both work remotely all the time - to democratise higher education for those who, for whatever reason, don’t have access to it now.


Hello to you from Florida, U.S. Thanks for joining!

And a big “howdy” Dave, you and Wayne are our first posting guests. I can’t think of too many open source blogs that share as much as here That’s well worth more than just a bookmark.


Kia ora Wayne. Thanks for jumping in. Always welcome your presence and insights. Congrats to NZ for the way it handled the pandemic.

Dave, great to see you here in this space. Been a long time since I last saw you in person. So pleased to see the way OERu has established itself and built out its business model from those early days when we workshopped it together. Welcome.

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Hello everyone,greetings from Nigeria

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Welcome Stephanie, thanks for being a very early participant here. What is your interest, role, efforts in Open Education?

Please look around and find other conversations to join (or start).

Namaste from India. I am Indira, Founding Director of KBR & HL Human Development Foundation and Head, eLearning at Icfai Buisess School (IBS).

My open education journey started in 2009. Since then I have been promoting OERs and OER-enabled eLearning through various Faculty Development Programmes in India and other Asian countries.
Our Foundation is in the process of developing OER-enabled eCourses for school education in India.
Looking forward to connecting with open educators with similar interests.


Welcome, Stephanie! So glad to have you in this group. We’d love to hear more about what you are doing with open education.

Welcome to OEG Connect, Indira!

Thank you for joining this community early, bringing your open education experience, and hopefully sharing more about the work your foundation is doing.

Our Foundation will be presenting “Preparing Higher Education Teachers for A Rapid Transition to Blended Online Learning” at MoodleMoot Global.
Will be showcasing how our Foundation’s 10-Day “eLearning for Professional Development” (#eL4PD) Programme offered in April and May 2020 enabled 100 participants to make a rapid transition to Moodle-enabled teaching, learning and and assessment and conduct live sessions using BigBlueButton.


Namaste and Hej! from an Indian in Sweden

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