Say Hello!

Welcome to the Plaza, our main public space of OEG Connect. When we started this community we set up a topic for inviting hellos in whatever language fits for you… it grew to be rather long, so we have archived it.

But we still invite you to say hello.

Waving Hello

Yes, another one of those DALL•E AI generated images, based on the prompt, ‘An impressionist painting of 3 small children waving hello from a park bench’ The rights and attribution of this things are not well defined!

So from here where we are waving hello to you, will you respond?

Please return to the Plaza, and create your own topic to say “hello” that includes (as a suggestion):

  • What is the usual way in the place you live to say hello?
  • Let us know your name, what part of the world you live in, what organization / institution you work for.
  • Why / how is open education important to your work?
  • Share one personal experience where you benefited or experienced something unexpected from an act of openness.
  • What would you like to get out of this community space?

Thanks for saying hello…


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