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Welcome to the main public space of OEG Connect. When we started this community we set up a topic for inviting hellos in whatever language fits for you… it grew to be rather long, so we have archived it.

Waving Hello

Yes, another one of those DALL•E AI generated images, based on the prompt, ‘An impressionist painting of 3 small children waving hello from a park bench’ The rights and attribution of this things are not well defined!

So here we have a new place-- we are waving hello to you, please reply to say “hello” in a reply that includes:

  • What is the usual way in the place you live to say hello?
  • Let us know your name, what part of the world you live in, what organization / institution you work for.
  • Why / how is open education important to your work?
  • Share one personal experience where you benefited or experienced something unexpected from an act of openness.
  • What would you like to get out of this community space?

Click that reply button, and say hello…

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my name is Peter Hanečák, I’m from Slovakia and I’m helping OEG team with IT stuff.

The usual way to say “hello” in Slovakia is either “dobrý deň” (formal settings) or “ahoj”, “čau”, etc. (in informal encounters with close/-er acquaintances).

My connection to Open Education is work-in-progress. As an IT person, I’m working with Open Source and Open Data for several years but as I’m discovering lately, basic principles are same or similar also in area of research and education.

Typical example of me benefiting from openness is Linux operating system: it was and is developed and provided for free (mostly “as in speech”, not just “as in beer”) by world-wide community of software developers and I’m using it for past 25 years as my primary platform, achieving and learning a lot thanks to that.

As per my expectations from this community space: at the beginning, maybe few tips and tricks for helping out with Open Education in Slovakia. We have lots of challenges in that area in our country and I believe open principles would help improve things, preferably within the time frame my own children are attending schools.

That’s it for quick introduction. Hello again and have a good day.

Hello and welcome, Peter-- or should I try to say “ahoj” – Google Translate suggests something like “a hoy”… and that “čau” sounds just like the Italian “ciao”.

We appreciate that you joined us here in OEG Connect. You are welcome to share anything, e.g. interesting open resources (technical or not), opensource tools, and also join other conversations. And please share ideas, thoughts on what you see or what would like to see in your children’s education.

čau for now,