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Namaste!! I am Dr. Aarti Yadav and I work as an Assistant Professor in School of Education, Central University of Haryana, India. . I am a Teacher Educator and passionate to work in field of educational technology, social and emotional learning, pedagogical perspectives for improving high order thinking skills. It has been a great experience to develop a MOOC for OE4BW and presenting my work tomorrow in EDUSCOPE.


And Namaste back to you, thanks for joining Connect. We hope you can share more about your MOOC project here.


Hej! Sumit, thanks for being at the OE4BW presentation and being active in the chat. So how do you find Sweden? What are you working on there?

Namaste Everyone, This is Vinodkumar Didwana from India.

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Namaste,:pray: I am Dr. Rohan Gavankar from India.

Welcome to Connect, Dr. Gavankar! Please tell us more about work work / interests in Open Education.

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Hello, Vinodkumar, thanks for attending our session and making your account here. We hope you return often.

Hello I am Dr Rohan, currently working as an Assistant Professor in VIVA college, Maharashtra, India.
I belong to the field of Academia and been teaching undergrad and postgraduate students for past 15 years. Students these days have been greatly influenced by digitization and the major hitch is they find study material or resources scattered and most of the times beyond their financial capacity. In a quest to search an answer to this situation,
I came across …:heart_eyes:. some one who knows only to give for betterment of others …my love Open Educational resources. YES OER im fallen in love with and My family is OE community :innocent:
Though It was love at first sight, OER makes me fall more deeply for it whenever I come across it.
Wanted to be in love with OER always and forever, Im very loyal …:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Indira
Greetings, A nice initiative

Thanks, and good to see you’re here, too, Paul! Hope all’s well.

I am working as Middle and High school in an IB school in Sweden. I also work in the IB as free lance educator who does teacher training workshops and as a school visitor.
Sweden is an interesting place from many different reasons.

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Hello and welcome new OEG Connect members @carole.schorlestefan @eric.castex @Pascal_BARBIER_ENSG @JGraindorge @GillesJacovetti @romuramon @CTrunnell @amygwen

We hope you find your way around, and consider introducing yourself here including your interests in open education.

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Hello - My name is Amy. Gwen is my middle name. My sister-in-law is also an Amy. I have been called amygwen most of my life and naturally decided to be called that on the internet as well.

I work at Lansing Community College as the OER Manager and an English instructor.

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Thanks Amy (Gwen), I enjoy knowing the story behind a person’s user name.

Nice to have met you at today’s CCCOER meeting and look forward to hearing more about the OER projects at Lansing CC. I got my start in this field with 14 years at Maricopa Community Colleges, the best experience I could have gotten.

Welcome to Connect, Amy!

Bonjour à tous! heureuse de vous rejoindre! Hello everyone, nice to connect this way!

And hello to you. We are glad to see you here. Et bonjour à toi. Nous sommes heureux de vous voir ici.

Apologies to my high school French teacher, Monsieur Rivkin, as I resorted to Google Translate.

Welcome to OEG Connect

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Bonjour, Perrine!! Glad to see you join Connect!

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No apologies: là où y’a d’la gène, y’a pas de plaisir! very honoured to connect here and in the coming months, years and contribute to those subjects :slight_smile :slight_smile:

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