Please Say Hello, Nǐ hǎo, Guten tag, Kia Ora, Hola, Sveiki, Ahoj, Bonjour, Namaste

Hello everyone! I’m looking forward to this event, getting to learn from and connect with so many people doing this important work around the world. – Curt Newton, Director MIT OpenCourseWare.


Hello and welcome Curt, so fantastic to have MIT OpenCourseWare in the OEG Connect house.


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And “Hi”, back, Jöran. We are glad to see you here.

Hello from downtown Hamilton, ON, Canada

Hello, are things in downtown Hamilton (I’ve been there!) greetings from the Saskatchewan prairie. What brings you to our space?

Γεια σας (Geia sas) is “Hello dear all” in greek, originating in classical greek -a friendly greeting for good health (ὑγίεια - hugieia). In these turbulent times, my first and foremost wish to you all is to be healthy, active and enthusiastic about what you’re involved in.
My name is Angelina Lada and I have been working in K-12 OE enabled courses for inclusive education in Greece since 2017. In last year’s conference, I talked about OE impact /effect on primary education from the teacher’s perspective. For me, it is great to know that OE Global has broadened K-12 as well as HE.
Let’s have an inspiring conference this year!


Thank you, Angelina for the Greek welcome… let me try it out too…

And as well for joining the OEG Connect Community. We are hoping this converational aspect adds a valuable element to the OEG 2020 Conference.

And also, I will use this as a small means to show the notion in Connect of using the twitter-inspired @username convention to mention another person in the community. It creates a notification so that person is notified. This is a case where I would mention our new Director of Primary and Secondary Sectors @kmishmael who I am sure would be excited to see you here. Let’s see what happens!

Regardless, thank you again for making an introduction and sharing your interests.


Hello everyone!
Happy to join the OEG Connect Community. I am looking forward to the presentations next month. Thank you!

Hello and Namaste! We will be conducting a workshop on Curation of OERs at OE Global 2020. See you soon!

Hello everyone! I’m Suzana Lohkovska, the brand new member of this society. Happy to be here.

And Namaste/hello to you, Ajita. Welcome to OEG Connect and to the conference too. Please share there or anywhere about your OER curation work or other interests.

If you need help using this platform, feel free to contact me. I am responsible / to blame for it :wink:

Mostly, we hope this conversational environment is effective it generating connections and discussions.

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Hello, every one. It is great to visit the community and have chances of exchanging view with all others.

Angelina, it’s SO great to meet you! I didn’t realize you presented last year and am sad to have missed your session. I’d love to hear about your work and connect you with some other K-12 folx here in the U.S. and other countries. I’m planning on an informal Zoom gathering on Tuesday and Thursday during conference week to hopefully make some of these introductions. More info to come. Thanks for being here!

If we were in person, I would offer an elbow bump or air hug. My name is Kristina and I’m the Director of Primary & Secondary Education at Open Ed Global. I’ve been part of the team since this summer and am looking forward to my first conference in this role.

My first OEG Conference was Delft in 2018 and then Milan in 2019. I met some primary & secondary (K-12) educators at both of these conferences and am excited about reconnecting this year. For the past 4 years, I’ve focused on OER and open education practices in the U.S. Since we’re all online this year with no barriers of travel, I’m thrilled to see so many of the U.S. educators with whom I’ve worked joining the conference where they can meet more global educators. We will be planning some Zoom room chats on Tues and Thurs during conference where everyone can meet. More info to come.

Glad you’re here!


Hello Kristina! So glad to meet you here. Thanks for catching up on this thread. I’d love to talk about OE enabled courses for K-12 in the side sessions on Tues and Thus during the conference. In Greece teachers remain heavily untrained about them, which was pretty sad in the case of the March-May 2020 massive lockdown. So grateful for the work you’ve taken up and your impact.
Best, Angelina

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Hello, everyone! I am from National Ilan University from Yilan, Taiwan. Nice to be here to meet everyone.

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Hi Yenfu.
Welcome to Open Education Global.
We’re thrilled to be hosting part of this years conference from Taiwan.
So glad you can join us.

Welcome Suzana.
So amazing to think I’m in Vancouver Canada and you are in Skopje Macedonia.
I took the opportunity to look up Skopje on Wikipedia. The nearby Matka Canyon and the Treska river are beautiful.
Happy to meet you and hope you enjoy this event.

Welcome oyj1.
Glad to have you joining us from Taiwan.
Hope you get a chance to exchange views with lots of others.

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