Connecting and Recognizing the Global Open Education Community (OEB4W 2020)

an Open Education for a Better World EDUSCOPE Marketplace session
June 30, 2020 7:00 pm CEST (check for local time)

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Paul Stacey @paulstacey Alan Levine @cogdog & Marcela Morales @marcela

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Connecting the Global Open Education Community

  • Community building
  • Convening & events
  • Grassroots & leadership
  • Advocacy & awareness
  • Curating, communicating, & showcasing
  • Facilitating & matchmaking

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Broad Categories with Subcategories

OEG Plaza Virtual town square


OEG Big Picture Policy, research, governance


OEG Practical How to?, building, sharing, licensing

OEG In Action scheduled topics, discussions, activities, “ask me anything”


OEG Conference Venue


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Then What?

But Wait!

Learn next about the Open Education Awards and reply below with questions, suggestions, etc.


Open Education Awards for Excellence


Open Education Awards for Excellence

2020 Awards’ Categories

Meet Past Winners

2019 Open Education Awards for Excellence Winners

Celebrating with winners at OE Global Conference 2019. Milan, Italy

Call for nominations is OPEN!

OE Awards 2020 - Nomination Form

Questions and Comments?

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Use conference session chat OR Reply here in OEG Connect

  • What would you like to know about the Open Education Awards?
  • If you were giving out awards, who would you want to give one to? Why?
  • Do you want to know what happened to past award winners? What would you like to ask them?

So we invite OE4BW participants (and anyone else coming here) to suggest people/projects who should get an OE Award.