Up for Open Pedagogy Adventuring in 2022?

Last year we offered a series of mostly asynchronous offerings here as the “Open Pedagogy Summer Adventure” and all the resources remain available.

What sorts of things open education related are you exploring and want to explore over the next few months (June to August and no it is not summer for everyone) - what would you like to take on as an adventure?

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I’m game to set up:

  • Follow-up on the H5P Activities we set up last year. Does anyone want to join me in getting started? Sharing what you are working on with H5P? Explore some of the new content types? Check put the H5P Self Service Food Truck (??)

  • Hands on with AI Okay we keep hearing about artificial intelligence but it often sounds complex or mysterious (see the discussions started by @wernerio during OEGlobal 22) I am interested in learning more by exploring some hands on activities to understand better what these things do and maybe how they work. Does anyone want to follow along? Join here

  • Simple OER Publishing Tools I’m adding this one into the mix- two examples of ways to publish open textbooks or course materials that do not require sophisticated publishing software, makes use of the affordances of the GitHub (which may look daunting) - Lantern from Northeastern University looks very powerful and I have been intrigued/following Docsify Course Starter template that Paul Hibbitts uses for publishing his course materials both on the open web and inside an LMS.

  • You Tell Us! Are you looking to explore more in open pedagogy? Or are you seeking to advance your skills with tools? Media?

And also a recommendation - if you are looking for an interesting format of options, see the Equity Unbound MYFest22 (Mid-Year Festival) - a buffet style choose your own PD, pay what you an approach. Learn more at http://myfest.equityunbound.org/

What is in your adventure plans?

Welp, I’m going to try to find things at MYFEST to connect with.

Through random and complicated gyrations, I’m helping create an online ‘pre-algebra prep’ module for students who come to our college with essentially no math confidence and/or skills. It’s something that’s had many attempts to get created in the past 10 years or so, and this manifestation specifies it should be “branded” as our institution’s, but having a Moodle version so people don’t have to be “in our system” has been approved… and … of course the course can be branded but the content could just happen to be OER. (Things get complicated, I’ll stop there!!!)

It is a real adventure for me since I’ve only dabbled in making courses but I’m going here How to Create Engaging Online Classes – Teaching in Higher Ed and almost almost almost have a tiny sharable thing… so that’s where I’m headed now…

Thanks for sharing, Sue, and hope you keep us posted or use this space to ask questions… I am here all the time :wink:

Is there content, or a framework you are starting from? I would guess the approach might be to make use of everyday situations/problems to apply the math skills. I’d guess there’s much to use.

Maybe the MYFest track on the Open Learning Journey is suitable.

Thanks for dropping in here.

Oh, yes, I have a framework – a math professor has put together some good content. We have a history of really good basic math instruction (that has not suffered as much from administrative changes as the humanities). So – I’m sure I will have questions soon :slight_smile:

Very late for summer, but as part of a nifty 15 topics in 15 days presented in 15 minutes from the Plymouth State CoLab, @actualham did a session on What is Open Pedagogy (she does have a ton of experience)

And a handout is available too

I see this as useful too as an effective means to collectively share knowledge, experience in bite size chunks.

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It was nifty and fun!