Video recording from "Sharing Resources and Examples of Open Pedagogy in Action"

Did you miss Tuesday’s Open Pedagogy Summer Adventure presentation? Video and slides are below, and the June 1st kickoff meeting archives are here.

What: Sharing Resources and Examples of Open Pedagogy in Action with Suzanne Wakim and Sue Tashjian

With Special Guests: The developers of the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap:

  • Christina Riehman-Murphy (she/hers), is a Reference & Instruction Librarian at Penn State Abington College.
  • Bryan McGeary (he/his) is the Learning Design and Open Education Engagement Librarian at Penn State University.

Who will: walk us through the 4 stages of the Open Pedagogy Road Map:

  1. Scope of Your Open Pedagogy Project
  2. Support for Your Open Pedagogy Project
  3. Student Outcomes and Agency
  4. Sharing and Sustainability

Ready to get started? Work through the road map with the group this summer. Here’s the first section: