Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap: Section A

Hi all. This week we’re going to be introducing you to Section A of the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap which asks you to think about the scope of your open pedagogy project. You’ll be thinking about your values and goals, your capacity, and the actual project itself. It’s important to focus on the why of your project before you focus on the what of your project. You can do your work in the complete workbook. Just download and make a copy for yourself.

In the discussion, give a brief elevator pitch of what your project is and what values you’re bringing to the project. Are there any concerns you have about capacity or any other elements related to scope?

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We are excited to launch a version of the Open Pedagogy Roadmap workshop here. Thanks @riehmanmurphy and @bryanmcgeary for putting us on the road and we look forward to everyone sharing their responses as they work through the materials.

For an overview of the Roadmap, here is tke part of the CCCOER webinar where Christina and Bryan provided an overview:

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It’s not too late to post your open pedagogy project scope here and get some expert feedback. The values and goals (WEEK 1 of the ROADMAP) are key to making the case to other faculty, administrators, and your STUDENTS.

  1. What are you trying to achieve for yourself as an instructor?
    Is this an opportunity to create more engagement with your students?
    Do you want to learn more about pedagogy and how it can improve student learning?

  2. What values are you trying to embody in your teaching and inspire in your students?
    Are you valuing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the assignments that you create?
    Do you want to give students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and learning that values their cultural identity?

Looking forward to hearing what values bring you to this project …

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay