Tagged for OEG Connect: Exa: Search Rebuilt for AI

This is a kind of service we will likely see more emerge, its somewhat similar to how Bing search applies ChatGPT to reframe a web search, sends to Bing, and again applies ChatGPT to summarize the resulting matches (and providing links to sources the search returned.

I tried Exa.ai in response elsewhere to a request on recommendations for attributing AI generated content. Like the site claims, it skips much of the google search results that are full of ad-laden link lists. See

Each resulting search provides a “search for similar” button that frames a new query based on the web address of the one result. In my quick test, it did provide more useful results, that were related or at least of interest.

A free account gets you 1000 results a month, which might get used quickly, but may work for occasional queries. I’m curious to hear of others experiences using these kinds of AI aided searches.