The 6 Tenets of Open Education

Open education maximises access and participation by ensuring that education is inclusive, equitable, adaptable, and supportive of life-long learning for all people across the globe. It encourages collaboration and allows teachers and learners, both inside and outside of the classroom, to use, create, and modify resources that enable every learner to reach their full human potential.

The 6 Guiding Tenets of Open Education

  1. Open Education is Socially Just - Open education leads with antiracist, decolonized, inclusive, representative, and equitable perspectives so that every learner is heard, respected, and included. Open education is free of language, cultural, geographic, racial, and gender/identity barriers.

  2. Open Education Is A Public Good - Open education is a shared public good. The public has access to it and can use it to serve the public good. Open education contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal number four which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all people.

  3. Open Education is Inclusive - Resources, pedagogical practices, and technologies are used to create accessible, affordable, and adaptable learning resources and approaches that can be customised and localised. Open education is inclusive of language and culture.

  4. Open Education is Accessible, Affordable, and Adaptable - Open education offers equal access to learning, both online and offline, in digital or physical form, in rural and urban areas, regardless of abilities, consistent with the principles of Universal Design for Learning. All learners can access open education resources at low-cost to no-cost. Open education resources can be translated, localised, improved, kept current, and personalised for each teacher and each learner.

  5. Open Education is Collaborative, Facilitated by Community and Stewards - Teachers, learners, and open education stewards work together to create, facilitate, and encourage open education, including open educational resources, open practices, and open pedagogies.

  6. Open Education is Impactful - Open education maximises education participation globally. The community measures impact, shares experiences, and promotes research supporting open education’s effectiveness and benefits. Open education is designed to sustain itself and persist by inspiring a culture of sharing, continuous improvement, and value co-creation.

Read more in the OE Global Strategic Vision: Open for Public Good

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