TODAY & TOMORROW at 9 am PST - Invitation to a Live Chat / Creative Session with a Few Web Monetized Creative / Social Sharing Platforms

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the last minute invite on this, but I am hosting a MozFest Creative Session with a few Web Monetized Creative / Social Sharing Platforms at 9 am PST today and want to invite you to join us if you wish. The direct link to the session is Launch Meeting - Zoom

Utilising the Web Monetization Standard is what sustainably covers the maintenance costs on our digital assets, so this is a great opportunity to learn about some of the creative tools available.

The creative platforms / tools sharing, include:

  • Mural - a creative, multimedia storytelling platform
  • Fliptoons - a comic sharing / distribution platform
  • Hyperaudio - a tool for remixing audio and video content and translating into different languages
  • Free Music Archive - an audio sharing / distribution platform

I will also be hosting a Web Monetization Tipping Party - mozfest-client on Friday at noon for MozFest too, so you are invited to that too. To access that you will need to sign up for MozFest. The tickets are free - Mozilla Festival

If you are using the Web Monetization Standard and have any Web Monetized digital assets, then send me a link to them, so that I can ‘hang’ them in the gallery for the tipping party. And if you want free pre-paid tips to tip Web Monetized assets with at the party, let me know, and I will sending you a special sign up code.

I’d wanted to do one of these tipping parties as a part of the OE Global 2022 online conference, but badly flared up my concussion, so was unable to join online and engage, during the conference. Hopefully I can set one of these up for our community in the future, so that we can all support each other’s projects with free, pre-paid tips from Coil.

I hope you are all well.