Value of knowing Content Uptake across learning platforms and institutions

How much feedback do content creators get when they release their work into the learning ecosystem? How do content creators measure their impact? What about institutions that create and promote OER to other institutions, do they keep track of who uses their content in what context? Is this information valuable in the learning ecosystem?

A little bit about me and why I am curious about this topic. Currently, I am a graduate student. My undergrad was done many years ago before OER was what I what it is today. I can’t express how much OER has helped me to increase the level of my research. With the knowledge I acquired in my research, I would like to pay back in 2 ways. First I would like to start creating my own Open Learning Resources related to my research. Second, being a techie-nerd I see that the current ecosystem does not have an easy way to track the impact of your work unless you only post it on one platform - which I feel is not really open when it is stuck in one place. I would love to hear from all of you what you have to say on this particular topic or any issues that are being faced by the content creators managing their pipeline (supply-chain?).