Visualize the Conversations of #OEWeek 2023 with Twitter TAGS

While much uncertainty remains over the future of Twitter and a number of people here have migrated their social networking to places like Mastodon… many open educators remain active in Twitter.

Like we did in 2021 and again in 2022, and as long as it works, we set up a Twitter TAGs archive/visualizer to share activity in twitter.

This is the the Google Worksheet developed/shared by Martin Hawksey to curate all tweets tagged #oeweek .

You can view the full archive of OEWeek tweets for 2023 or see summary statistics.

But the best part to me has always been the Conversation Explorer, a visualization that maps relationships and activity around the twitter hashtag #oeweek showing participants as nodes. The size of a twitter name is proportional to the number of tweets made using the tag, and lines connecting them represent “conversations” in terms of replies and mentions of other twitter users. Clicking any username opens

Right now the activity is sparse as OEWeek is ahead of us. The tabs on the top left show a histogram display of the most active participants. Each node reveals the data collected for each participant

Twitter TAGs conversations around #OEWeek as of February 27, 2023 with details displayed for @medicinauab

As long as the access to the Twitter API remains open/free, use the Conversation Explorer during open Education Week to watch the activity evolve

After Monday, the giant ball of OEWeeks Tweets is growing, as shown in the Twitter Tags Conversation Explorer:

That’s over 700 tweets as of the first day of OEWeek including over 600 share links (see the summary).

Remember that lines represent mentions or replies to others.

Keep on Tweeting with the #OEWeek hashtag.

Okay, maybe twitter is dying (or being killed) but it remains active for Open Education Week. Because of multiple tags, we added to the collector tweets that contain #OEWeek23 in addition to ones using #OEWeek. Use either or both, just tag tweets!

Look at the giant ball of tweet(ers).

Screen Shot 272

This is now displaying 1555 tweets from 990 accounts. Explore the conversations