OEWeek in Mastodon

We have been promoting OEWeek in Twitter and also using the fantastic Twitter TAGS Google sheet to track and generate a visualization of activity in Twitter.

But Twitter is not everything and here we advocate for the Open Educators who are active in Mastodon, the federated social media network (“Social networking that’s not for sale. Your home feed should be filled with what matters to you most, not what a corporation thinks you should see. Radically different social media, back in the hands of the people.”)

Mastodon will not be foiled!


There’s Nothing Left to Wrap the Leftovers flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Are You Federated? Federating?

Have you gotten federated? We are asking people with accounts on OEG Connect to add their Mastodon username to their profile, from where we can generate a directory.

Not sure what Mastodon is about? It’s not hard to find gobs of posts and news stories about it. We have had a good round of conversation here since late 2022.

If you are looking for a “home” instance to set up an account, you are welcome to try the one offered by the OER foundation, where we have an account too.

I have not discovered something that works as well as the Twitter TAGs conversation explorer, but you can view Mastodon posts tagged OEWeek from any instance, e,g,
https://social.fossdle.org/tags/OEWeek or https://mastodon.social/tags/OEWeek

Wherever you “toot” if you are sharing about OEWeek, use the #OEWeek tag

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So this just showed me I need to improve the graphs quite a bit, but a mastodon.online visualization of the #OEWeek tag is here: https://amiel.net.br/scripts/oeweek-2023/, just for fun :wink:
The open software source is: https://gitlab.com/tamiel/mastodon-counter/

This is very fun Tel, thanks for sharing. I did not do nearly enough mastodon posting, but now am curious to try your counter.

Nice to see the connection graph

Graph of connections in Mastodon for #OEweek

Muito obrigado!

@tamiel - that is awesome - thank you!

Part of the reason we haven’t been very busy on Mastadon is because there doesn’t seem to be any social media scheduler that has figured out how to post to a Fediverse account at the same time as the other socials … when that is figured out, @cogdog I can guarantee there will be more activity - at least from our side.

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I’ve been in there with posts, boosting others, and following the folks here in Mastodon as well as others who have found us.

There is a Mastodon scheduler I came across How to schedule Mastodon posts. Improve your workflow in a few simple… | by Tech Help Knowledgebase | Medium and I would hope support is coming to our platform used to make announcements - it looks like Buffer does now (personally I like to see more conversation with announcements, the attitudes I see is to be in Mastodon not just replicating twitter).

There are other options though to cross post to Mastodon what goes out on twitter- dlvr.it is an option and we could create an ifttt to do this too.

But I am sure will will be increasing our presence there.

I know you have been busy with posts and boosts @cogdog! I really meant that our profile on Mastodon didn’t get the alerts and campaign noise that we did for #oeweek because it wasn’t an option on our current scheduling software. If we had to separately schedule all of the 160+ posts we did for the other networks individually just on Mastadon, we would never leave our computers!

But I think that is also okay - that Mastodon doesn’t get flooded by alerts and is more concentrated on the quality of interaction and engagement than other platforms.

Thanks for the link and ideas (I know how to schedule a post but not block schedule posts).

I had looked into Buffer (it didn’t load the 4 times I tried it to get our profile on the platform). I will look into dlvr … one of 25 to dive deep into.

Has anyone else had success with dlvr or Buffer?

The culture of Mastodon is still emerging, so I think it’s wise not to overly use like those 160 messages. I am optimistic again more integrations are going to be added to platforms (WordPress is rolling it into the JetPack social tools for adding share buttons and announcing posts)

Yes, I used dlvr.it for several projects like https://daily.ds106.us/ The Daily | Each day a (not so) mysterious activity to tryThe Daily Try | Each day a (not so) mysterious activity to try https://daily.arganee.world/ all which post daily content from a WordPress site from its RSS feed (it’s less a scheduler than an integrator like Zapier, IFTTT. We can do three sources for free, happy to help set up