OEG Fediverse Directory

From a discussion on the rapidly evolving concept of the Fediverse we liked the suggestion from @Mackiwg. From Wayne’s suggestion, OEG Connect now offers a place where participants can add their Fediverse account so others can follow.

All logged in OEG Connect users can edit their profile with this information.

OEG Fediverse Pioneers

Below are the 96 Connect users who have added Fediverse handles as of 2024-07-03T16:30:00Z (for now these updates requires a special query and manual update, so it might not show up immediately.) We are also issuing Fediverse Pioneer Badges to them.

OEG Connect Fediverse User Name
@acka47 @acka47@openbiblio.social
@actualham @actualham@social.coop
@ajustiniano @ajustinianot@mastodon.uy
@anitsirk @anitsirk@cloudisland.nz
@axel.klinger @axelklinger@openbiblio.social
@beckej @ed_beck@indieweb.social
@billymeinke @billymeinke@mastodon.social
@Bronwen @bronwenj@mastodon.xyz
@cable @cablegreen@mastodon.social
@Carinavr @carinavr@mastodon.social
@catherinecronin @catherinecronin@mastodon.ie
@chrisaldrich @chrisaldrich@hcommons.social
@Christian @chrmstracke@mastodon.online
@clevesque @chris_levesque@historians.social
@clhendricksbc @chendricks@scholar.social
@clintlalonde @clintlalonde@mastodon.oeru.org
@cogdog @cogdog@social.fossdle.org
@dajbelshaw @dajb@social.coop
@danmcguire @danmcguire@openedtech.social
@davidp @dendroglyph@mastodon.social
@DebJArnold @DeborahJArnold@scholar.social
@Dickh @rfheller@social.fossdle.org
@Downes @Downes@mastodon.social
@DrNTasler @drntasler@scholar.social
@Eamon @Eamon@mastodon.social
@EbbaOssiannilsson @Ebba_Ossiannilsson@mastodon.oeru.org
@edtechdev @dougholton@mastodon.social
@EduAlter @edualter@mastodon.social’
@Enkerli @enkerli@scholar.social
@epanto @Puntopanto@mastodon.uno
@EricaHargreave @EricaHargreave@mastodon.social
@Farmidi @abualifarmidi@me.dm
@Giselle @giselle@mastodon.oeru.org
@gravesle @gravesle@social.ds106.us
@greeneterry @greeneterry@social.coop
@hanecak @phanecak@mastodon.social
@helen @helenmoore@mastodonapp.uk
@hmross @mctoonish@mastodon.oeru.org
@Indira @indkon@mastodon.oeru.org
@IrwinD @irwindev@scholar.social
@IslaHF @islig@universeodon.com
@Jackie @txtdgtl@mastodon.social
@Jalyn @jalynw@universeodon.com
@JamieHolmes @LibrarianLaughs@mstdn.party
@janmechtel @ampelmann@fosstodon.org
@jeffwgallant @jgallant@mastodon.oeru.org
@JenM @jenm@mastodon.social
@Jenni @jennihayman@mastodon.social
@jessica @jryan@mstdn.social
@JoeMunsterman @JoeMunsterman@mastodon.oeru.org
@joergelp @joergelp@social.sunet.se
@Jonathan @jonathan_worth@mastodon.social
@JonMason @Milarepa@sigmoid.social
@jrogers9986 @LibreTexts@mastodon.social
@juan_silta @juan_silta@mastodon.online
@karencang @karencang@mastodon.social
@KathyEssmiller @kathyessmiller@mastodon.oeru.org
@Keiko @keiko@social.coop
@kenbauer @kenbauer@fosstodon.org
@kmachin @kmachin@mas.to
@koutropoulos @koutropoulos@social.ds106.us
@kylemackie @kylemackie@mastodon.social
@Lambo @Lambo@calckey.social
@LarryCooperman @larrycooperman@mastodon.online
@leohavemann @leohavemann@mastodon.social
@librariabillie @LibrariaBillie@hcommons.social
@lightweight @lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nz
@Luca @m0llenhauer@bildung.social
@Mackiwg @mackiwg@social.fossdle.org
@Mais @lxt@aus.social
@margreta @margreta@mastodon.oeru.org
@MariaKlar @klar@bildung.social
@mark.wilson @mcorbettwilson@mastodon.social
@moodler @martin@openedtech.social
@mpaskevi @mpaskevicius@mastodon.social
@NateAngell @xolotl@social.coop
@nele @ebildungslabor@digitalcourage.social
@NellKate @nell@zirk.us
@oegconnect @oeglobal@social.fossdle.org
@OpenRobert55 @OpenRobert55@mastodon.oeru.org
@Paola @PaolaCorti@mastodon.oeru.org
@PerrineCoet @perrinedecoetlogon@mastodon.social
@phb256 @phb256@mastodon.social
@poritzj @poritzj@mastodon.social
@rjhangiani @rajiv@scholar.social
@sgk @sgk@glammr.us
@steel @SteelWagstaff@eug.social
@Storieswitha-Will @ArcataOurspace@mastodon.art
@stevefoerster @stevefoerster@social.fossdle.org
@suebecks @suebecks@scholar.social
@sushumna @sushumna@mastodon.oeru.org
@tamiel @tamiel@mastodon.online
@ted.oneill @ton@scholar.social
@toddconaway @toddconaway@social.ds106.us
@WayUpNorth @xb7r@mastodon.social
@Weblearning @weblearning@social.ds106.us

You can find me at @karencang@mastodon.social

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I can be found at @econproph@mastodon.social

Jim Luke

Just added my Mastodon URL to the new profile field here: Nate Angell (@xolotl@scholar.social) - Scholar Social

Thanks @cogdog!

Nice to see you here Jim! (and @karencang) and thanks for sharing your fediverse accounts.

We are asking that you update your own account profile and enter your coordinates- use this link to open your own profile scroll down. and enter it under Fediverse User Name.

Doing this gets you the highly desired badge :wink:


Thanks Nate! Your badge is in the mail…

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Great idea - added to profile.

I’ve updated my profile to include my fediverse handle
I created it back in May just in case and have exactly one contact on it so far. Planning to remedy that situation soon.

I’m verenanzr@mastodon.social

I’ve just signed up @Milarepa@sigmoid.social

I’m also in the fediverse at @axelklinger@openbiblio.social

I am there too @PaolaCorti@mstdn.social

My main account is:

You can follow my blog (in German) here: @nele@ebildungslabor.de
(Wordpress with Plugin Activity Pub)

And here are very few pictures (CC0):

See you!


(Thought I had shared mine, already. (I was in @clintlalonde’s OG list :wink: ))

For some reason, it’s not working with my instance! (Scholar.Social, which usually does a good job with Mastodon.social…)
Even going directly to the instance gives me an error:
The page you are looking for isn’t here. - Mastodon
(Are you also @verenanz@mastodon.social since 2017?)

Same issue as Verena.
The page you are looking for isn’t here. - Mastodon (digitalcourage.social)

done! @keiko@social.coop

Look at the Fediverse pioneers here, the directory list updated to show 35 here who have added their usernames to their OEG Connect profile.

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I am at @greeneterry@social.coop

Sigh, I keep reading posts describing how challenging and counterintuitive getting on the fediverse is, and then assorted advice… last time I tried it was “download mastodon on your phone” – and that’s not what I use, and I don’t know if everybody else does all that on their phone or whether there’s some process… another app…

I do most of my “tooting” from the web. The instance I use:
Scholar Social
Agreed that it can be counterintuitive. Now that we’re getting critical mass, there are enough people to help you get going. In a way, you can conceive of it as a group chat… in the open.