Get Federated with OE Global

The first sharing of this post happens as part of my Gasta presentation session at the OER24 conference. You can read the script/poetry, get slides, get the t-shirt logo. Now Gastified?

Get Federated is my call to embrace and become part of the system of platforms interconnected in a way that honors the distributed design of the internet itself.

This Gasta slam poem is meant to be a bit irreverent, but I am committed to helping you get over the confusion and perhaps bewilderment of the fediverse. I want everyone to consider the cost of convenience to jump in the easy, familiar path to a social. networked owned and built in the interest of techbro capitalists, is the route to repeat history.

Previously we. have shared much about the fediverse and launched efforts to organize the people in this community who have made this step.

The idea I am putting forth here is to create a very simple to do series of tasks anyone can do in say, 20 minutes over a series days (or in one sitting for those who work fast) to go from zero to Mastodon. We will cover:

  • Finding a server to start at
  • Creating an Account
  • Setting Up Your Profile
  • Writing an #Introductiion
  • Finding Your People
  • Following
  • Using Media
  • and more

Before dismissing it, I ask that you try it.

And the idea is to do this in parallel and inthe company of others. First, I am seeking to know who might be interested in taking part of starting sometime in April but also, for those who are experienced or have made the jump, who might be willing to answer questions or offer advice.

The Get Federated concept to me is doing this together.

What do you think? Who is interested?