From The Netherlands: Supporting Use of the Fedviserse for education and research

It’s been a while since we mentioned interest/activity in the fediverse. Has AI subsumed the attention space? Have educators slide back to Twitter, et al?

Well at a country level see what The Netherlands is doing at a proactive level, let’s SURF over to learn about a pilot program, taking away the need for institutions/organizations to wrestle with the decision of setting up a Mastodon instance or not, and as well, offering a compelling start for students, teachers, researchers where to start.

SURF and Universities of the Netherlands are jointly exploring Mastodon as an open source platform for education and research in the Netherlands. In which public values are paramount. We launched a pilot in February 2023. Join us and discover how students, researchers, staff and institutions can experiment with Mastodon in a low-threshold way.

Hoping to hear more from our colleagues from The Netherlands (and I am reminded to check again to update our Directory of OEG Connect people with Mastodon accounts in their profile)