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No app needed, Sue. I usually access Mastodon in a web browser on my laptop.

Also, like twitter, a message in Mastodon has a unique URL. It’s ability to be shared might depend on a server, but one of my recent “toots” is visible even if you do not have an account or are not logged in:


Sorry but I have tried to create an account at for example Mastodont Social as I see that many of you have done so. But I get the message all eh time that it si not allowed, so how did you managed
Any advices or any other group which can be good?
Just asking Ebba

Typically, that instance is indeed busy for a few days when there’s an influx of new people. You can create an account on another instance (in my case, Scholar.Social after trying some other instances). I don’t think it’s too busy right now.
Oops! Guess I was wrong. Thanks, @cogdog!

You can switch instances later.

The Fediverse is getting much rapid growth, consider it Elon Musk’s major contribution to society. Mastodon.social was the first and biggest and maybe most stressed tested one.

More options are available at https://joinmastodon.org/servers. I am hearing from a few education groups interest in setting up instances but it is not trivial.

Many academics are on [mastodon.scholar](https://scholar.social/) – oops @Enkerli they are not accepting new members.

I might suggest the one created years ago by @Mackiwg and colleagues at OERu (see how ahead of the game they are!) at https://mastodon.oeru.org/ – I am ready to move there myself!

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Neither them Scholar.Social accept new members
What to do???

I’ll second Alan’s suggestion of OERu (just created an account myself).

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Agree 100%.

Wayne and Dave have built a convivial open toolset. By moving to mastodon.oeru.org, we could all bring our voices and begin to further build impactful critical mass in an aligned and federated social media space.

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Hi! I guess I’m finally trying out Mastodon. @jgallant@mastodon.oeru.org!


Welcome to those who’ve joined OERu corner of the Fediverse! For what it’s worth, we (the OER Foundation) is about to launch a new Mastodon for educators, too, so you might find an even better home… you’ll be welcome to move your existing Mastodon presence there if you like. Watch this space…


Thanks all for the discussion on this topic. Learned quite a bit this week. You can find me here: @cermit@mastodon.oeru.org


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…I just created an account myself too: migrated to @PaolaCorti@mastodon.oeru.org, which gave me a chance to see how easy it is to export/import the people I follow and set a message to redirect. Thanks, @cogdog and @Enkerli, for all suggestions in this thread :slight_smile:

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I am now also on Mastadon oer.org so please add me to the list. Happy to be with all professional colleagues and friends and to learn together with all of you Thanks @cogdog and @Enkerli for kind suggestions



Hi all, good to check in here after awhile! I am on mastodon.social (since 2016) but plan to migrate. I’m glad to hear that your recent experience was so good, Paola – and really appreciate the advice and updates here. What a community :blush:


really interested to hear this, Dave! any other details… or approximate timing?

Have a look at https://social.fossdle.org :wink:


Have a look at https://social.fossdle.org :wink:

I decided to beat the rush and moved my account there! @stevefoerster@social.fossdle.org


Dug mine back out, @kathyessmiller@mastodon.oeru.org

Hi Kathy, welcome, and thanks to you and others for joining the Early Open Education Fediversers, now listed at top of this topic at 42.

Thanks, Dave! Thinking of adding an account there on social.fossdle.org (in addition to my existing one on scholar.social). Am I right in thinking this could be a place for folks interested in many aspects of open education to come together in a community? If so, sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:

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Hi @clhendricksbc

Yes - the FOSSDLE Commons is a nascent platform cooperative we are establishing at the OER Foundation to provide shared infrastructure for open educators which will consist of a range of open source technologies for the design, development and publishing of open courses. Our Mastodon instance is social.fossdle.org.

I also have multiple Mastodon accounts on different instances for different roles and functions and its working well for me.

We have a keen interest in the notion of ‘federated’ course sites where individual institutions could host there own low cost instances of these OER enabled courses with learners interacting with each other using distributed communication tools (including mastodon) to communicate with each other. All open source of course ;-).

Its still early days - but we have the building blocks in place using our existing open toolset to run a powerful demonstrator. I’m toying with the idea of a collaborative effort to assemble a nano online course to help with on-boarding for Mastodon for educators and learners. This would mean that any institution could host their own instance of these support resources.

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