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Thank you so much for the explanation, Wayne! This sounds fantastic.

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I think I can be found at @geonz@mastodon.social … I successfully found the email that inspired me to look at mastodon in 2017, and a youTube video about it that – even tho’ the site’s changed a ton since then – answered my questions. (There were 400 some instances at that point…) And now I even know people :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sue,

I could not find you at mastodon.social but do see you at @geonz@mastodon.oeru.org

I think the search feature in Mastodon only searches accounts you follow and ones on your instance.

There is a way to convert usernames to URLs… it takes a little pattern matching following to generate a link (I might make a bookmarklet tool to do this).

  1. Let’s start with the username @geonz@mastodon.social
  2. Select and cut the username @geonz and replace with https://
  3. Add a ‘/’ after mastodon.social and paste the username
  4. Now try URL https://mastodon.social/@geonz

Uh-oh, it’s the Failphant! Maybe it was a different username?

As far as I know, you can search for any user on the Fediverse from the Mastodon search bar following the address convention (including other Activitypub enabled applications). So for example, I can follow someone’s Pixelfed account and receive notifications via my Mastodon feed.

This is what makes the federated universe so exciting!

(I’ll need to double check if this feature can be disabled on a specific instance - not sure.)

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You are correct, I was typing without checking. The little advanced search drop down has hints:

Mastodon advanced search hints

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We are now up to 50 on the OEG Fediverse Pioneer list! Keep 'em coming, add your accounts to your OEG Connect profile.

I always enjoy seeing a clever username, a favorite so far is the one for @JamieHolmes ~~ :laughing: :books:

Thanks @cogdog, I updated my profile.

Hey everyone… I just wanted to note an observation… that in the time of difficulty of trying to find an alternative to Twitter and folks exploring Mastodon, etc., this space has gotten really really busy… and I found my smiling at this :relaxed:


:grinning: so what you’re saying is… maybe we’re there already?
Dumb Dumber GIF - Dumb Dumber Were GIFs

Hi Maha! I’m glad the busy sound is a good one. I’ll follow your account where ever you land :wink:

I am also at @Milarepa@sigmoid.social

sigmoid.social is focused on #AIED

I’m on the regular Mastodon.social - just mahabali@mastodon.social

I go in to check my notifications and find new followers all the time, but then the app (Tusky) gets overwhelmed by all the following back and crashes :laughing: so I’m frustrated by how slow it is. I know there are many other instances, but hearing about all the content warning stuff is frustrating… and haven’t been keeping track of all the different ones and their rules… so… staying where I am for now, but if y’all end up on the Wayne instance or the Jim instance I may switch over? Haha sorry I am not following these discussions closely!

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I freely admit I am not knowing what I’m doing, rather than rushing in I am going slow and observing.

To me the instance does not matter as I am almost never looking at a timeline other than whom I am following, it’s like staying in a twitter list. Actually I have accounts on Fossdle AND ds106 but for now am staying where I started, same one as you.

I am also not doing much following for a while, as is the number I have is feeding a good mix of boosted content.

I don’t know about Tusky, but I like the iOS MetaText app because I can turn off notifications for followers etc (also in the column view of web version). And it has better alt image tools

My plan is to go slowly and think of mastodon as a new environment not one to run around in my Twitter shoes.

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Hi @mahabali

That is a smart approach from a seasoned digital citizen.

It really doesn’t matter where you set up home in the Fediverse - we can all connect with each other in this network of networks. I have four Mastodon accounts, three of which we host out of the OER Foundation and that works well for me - I may create more accounts - who knows. (TBH - I hope our instances remain quaint and intimate - I rather enjoy small town living.)

Explore your old and new neighbourhood(s) at your own pace. Take the time to enjoy the scenery and conversations with the people you meet on your walks around these spaces. But good to see you here in our corners of the Internet!

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As we’re talking about our approaches to the fediverse…
Mine is mostly focused on notifications. Mentions, new follows, and followed OE/OER hashtags.
While I wouldn’t claim that my interactions on Masto are that active, it provides me with the level of engagement I want, these days.
(With Mastodon, I mostly use the web version and the official app. A few years ago, I was using Amaroq. In a way, I’m nostalgic for earlier apps which allowed for integration/federation across diverse services. Long before the current exodus, it was one of the first signs that Jack Dorsey’s microblogging service was taking a turn for the worse.)

This is pretty much the way I’ve used birdsite for the past several years, especially since other services became more useful for targeted group interactions. And I’ve been getting fewer notifications from that commercial social networking service, in recent years. Long before Grimes’s ex started a destructive spree.

One practice I’ve yet to bring to the fediverse is livetweeting. I probably wouldn’t do it of my main instance (Scholar.Social, currently). It’s actually a good use case for a separate instance, preventing both information overload and context collapse.

As @mahabali notes, diverse online groups are gaining traction, these days, including OEG Connect. @cogdog did provide some insight on posts and other activities which played a part. There’s also something to say about people taking to diverse platforms to thoughtfully engage.

Hi everyone, started my Mastodon life yesterday - due to this thread. Thank you! Find me and follow me - and I’ll follow you back. @margreta@mastodon.oeru.org

Hello and welcome back here @margreta and to our Fediverse Pioneers group, now 58 listed at the top of this topic.

Thanks again as well to OERu team @Mackiwg @lightweight for providing instances for many of us.

Look for OEGglobal there as well as @oeglobal@social.fossdle.org

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I just did the :elephant: :rabbit2: (Mastodon Hop) by redirecting my first instance home.

I joined masodon.social in maybe 2016 you can see what it leaves behind as a fowarding service https://mastodon.social/@cogdog to my new account as cogdog@social.fossdle.org where all the “cool” open education kids hangout.

The process could not be easier- at new home go to account settings and declare it as alias for your old account. Then go to same place in old account and tell it to redirect to here.

All your followers come along for the ride but all your old posts, stay where the were. That’s fine by me.

Lastly, I had to update my WordPress blog’s Autopost to Mastodon plugin to connect to the new server.

It’s smooooooooth to moolloooove in the fediverse.

Just updated the Fediverse directory listing at the top of this thread now finding 78 open educators with fediverse accounts (it’s still a bit manual process as people are entering all kinds of various text strings in the profile field??).

Fediverse Pioneer badges are distributed too! If you have not gotten yours, let me know.

We are at work as well creating a Mastodon list under our @oeglobal@social.fossdle.org account (follow us there!_