What does the conference theme mean to you?

This year, the conference theme is Connecting the Global Open Education Community. Although the theme was selected in 2019, it is so appropriate for 2020. We have experienced a pandemic, social distancing, a shift to distance learning, economic difficulties, home offices, home schooling, and so much more. Yet, we have found ways to be connected.

Life and work have been anything but normal. In fact, we’ve had to create our new normal. It has been frustrating, interesting, and challenging, but we have also experienced positive and learning experiences.

We have heard about many of your experiences over the last few months. Share what the conference theme means to you.

What a great question!

This year’s theme seems so appropriate because of the ability to connect without the barriers of travel. I’m looking forward to connecting with more primary & secondary (K-12) educators across the globe and potentially creating opportunities for collaboration between educators here in the U.S. and Canada with educators in other countries. I’m so VERY excited to see many U.S. educators able to attend this year’s conference because of it being online. Can’t wait to see everyone together in a Zoom room!

Connect is such a perfect theme for this year for all of the reasons Krista and Susan shared. For me it also is the annual opportunity to broaden my horizons through those connections - to get my mind blown by a different perspective. OEGlobal has always been that for me. It is a convergence of diversity in epic proportion, focused around a pure and common goal: to spread the joy of open education. The thrill of that experience is always the same no matter the format!


Hello @susan.huggins and all,

Who would have thought that 2020 would be the way it is. I think some scientists did thing that we were sitting on a time bomb and that something like this would happen. Now it has…

Community is more important than ever before and we see that our colleagues and students are longing for human contact and this is what they/we miss the most. So thank you for enabling these important conversations to happen and see what we can learn with and from each other.

Diverse communities is what can make a real difference to all of us, I think. So we are in a good place :wink:



Hi Chrissi,
Indeed this is the place where we can learn, connect, and collaborate.

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