5 Million Public Domain Book Illustrations Deleted From Flickr

Challenging to unravel the why, but Public Domain Review shares a tragic loss of public domain content from Flickr

It seems to be some issue of what is determined as a “photograph” in the Flickr Commons as well as what happens if they are posted from an infrequent account. The discussion in flickr forums goes long, though down at the end there is a hint of a possibility of reversing this act.

There is a call to sign an open letter asking to undo this act

I would appreciate maybe some more insight into this situation, thoughts, examples or experiences in using this collection or thoughts on what happens when a part of the commons is slashed. What can we do as members of the commons?

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That was fast. I cannot take credit.

But retweeting the good news got me a surprise like. Gosh, I feel seen.

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