8 Things You Can Do To Be Involved in OE Week

:one: Contribute an Open Asset to the OE Library Explore the assets added in previous years. If you have created or been part of development of a similar open licensed open education asset, you can submit it as a contribution to the 2021 Open Education Week.

:two: Offer an Event or Activity to Take Place during OE Week Review the general description of ways to contribute for events/activities that you might offer. This could be local (where possible to assemble) or online events, but could also be asynchronous activities that happen during OE Week. Get inspired from past events and be creative how it might work in 2021.

:three: Curate Your OE Week Experience As a completely distributed week of events, how can we get a sense of what happened during OE Week? Share a reflection, a resource, a favorite moment from something you did during OE Week as a post here in OE Connect.

:four: Share / Promote OE Week in Social Media Follow @OEweek in twitter to get the latest news, but also share what you did and saw with the #oeweek hashtag. Watch the visualization of OE Week activities in the #oeweek conversation explorer Not into Twitter? Use the same hashtag in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, flickr.

:five: Participate in OE Global’s Activities Like the ones we offered as Collab and Conversation at the OE Global 2020 Conference, we will publish our own series of activities posted here in OE Connect in the Do OE Week Activities area.

:six: Create your own activities hosted here in OEG Connect. If you presented at the OE Global 2020 Conference, you could invite further participation in discussion about your topic. Or you could create a new place on the DO section for your own activity/conversation about an Open Week related event.

:seven: Plan/Design Events/Activities in your preferred Language There is no requirement that Open Education Week activities need to take place in English. Submit an activity or event and describe and offer it in your preferred language.

:eight: Invite a Colleague to Participate Who Has Never Done OE Week Before As a colleague to join you in an event or activity, or even develop a new one to offer. Explain to them the value and plan to coordinate your participation together.