A Call for 101 Creative Ideas for Using AI in Education

With all the hype and frenzy over AI going on, I was most excited to see an open invitation created by @chrissinerantzi and colleagues for a constructive community ask:

We would like to capture where we are at this moment in time with our collective thinking about potential alternative uses and applications of AI that could make a real difference and potentially create new learning, development and opportunities for our students and educators, for all of us.

This is an open invitation to all educators and students to co-create a collection of ideas on how AI tools such as chatGPT, DALL-E 2 and Midjourney could be used in inventive ways for learning, teaching and scholarship.

Experimentation is at the heart of learning, teaching and scholarship. Being open to diverse ideas will help us make novel connections that can lead to new discoveries and insights to make a positive contribution to our world. Ideas shared may be in its embryonic stage, half-baked but worth exploring further through active and creative inquiry.

When done, the collection and all items within will be openly licensed for re-use. Ideas are added as new slides within an editable Google Presentation.

I am hopeful we can slightly bend Chrissi’s arm to not only share this during Open Education Week (Mar 6-10) but maybe join us for a live webcast conversation (part of a new daily activity being hatched for #OEWeek).

What do you say, Chrissi?


I love this project! Instead of being afraid of these tools, exploring possibilities for how they may help move our thinking forward about how and why we educate is super exciting.

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Great Idea, why afraid of Machine Intelligence. Coming generations are going to live with it! We have to explore the possibilities how well we can utilise these tools, very exciting journey this is! When Google translate came similar kind of debates, arguments were around. I think people started using it wisely and I believe many using it for some great works too!


My dear Alan, thank you for having initiated this thread. It is an excellent idea. I have initiated a new research agenda with my doctoral student at southern University in Louisiana (sus.edu) focusing on AI-STEM. Here is review paper that touches on this - The application of AI technologies in STEM education: a systematic review from 2011 to 2021 | International Journal of STEM Education | Full Text

You can count me on for having a panel during OER Week.

Thank you my friend!


Thank you as well, Moustapha, for your interest and shared resources in AI in STEM… it will be interesting to see how that view from 2011 to 2021 changes given all that has emerged since.

We are exploring what might be most helpful as a way to surface the implications both globally and for Open Education-- it is worth maybe some speculation over the naming of the company behind the current wave of activity

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Cool!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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I’d strongly recommend following the work here of @mahabali and @annarmills – they offered a recent online workshop/discussion on AI in Writing Assignments

and are hosting a new one this week

Anna also has an open padlet for collecting ideas at https://aipedagogy.com (link not working, try directly) as a place to contribute ideas as well as the google slides call that started this thread.


Now, this is exciting! Something to look forward to and contributing to, too! :star_struck:
And the idea of live webcast is super!

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Here is an interesting article to read.

What Will ChatGPT Mean for Teaching?


Yes, there is no shortage at all of people writing about ChatGPT (frankly I think focussing on this one implementation is missing the larger picture). One could be making lists all day of articles… but what can we do as a community?

We would love to hear what educators and students are saying about this, thinking, puzzling at your institution…

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I could not reach to Ana’s site, aipedagogy. Is the link functional for anyone?

Sorry about that! The URL was a redirect but I am getting errors now too – try this direct link to the padlet.

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Does this count?
AI-powered Bing Chat spills its secrets via prompt injection attack [Updated] | Ars Technica

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Hi Moustapha, thanks for the interest! I haven’t done too much with that Padlet, though it could always grow. There’s more in my resource area: AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry - The WAC Clearinghouse
Best, Anna

Thank you for sharing Anna. I found the resources very useful.


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I find AI is useful for having a bit of mocking of AI :wink:

I did use something called murf.ai to generate the voices… Having made use of text to voice synthesizers long before the AI craze, I am a little hard pressed to see what the AI is doing. It seems like something that gets slapped onto tech.

I will say the tools for doing audio transcription are working great for me- again, they state they are built with AI but how would I know? But I have been making use of Descript for editing podcasts and it changes the whole editing process.

A audio guru I respect also heaped praise on MacWhisper (OSX) but steered me as well to a command line version of Whisper

And finally if you want to spin your head at all the AI tools flying out of the shops-- see https://domore.ai/

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