ChatGPT, ChatGPT, ChatGPT...."takes" from around the world

It’s getting harder to avoid coming across mention of ChatGPT (hey we’ve been looking at this stuff here since June 2022!). Or is it me who feels overly awash in it?

I am finding an interest in stories of how Artificial Intelligence is being discussed, framed, described, in different parts of the world, especially in the news-- e,g, "takes"on it’s impact.

Here is a CBC news story from where I am based in central Canada

and I like as well the reporting of student views

As a global community can we collect examples of how ChatGPT or AI in general are being portrayed in the news or media streams in your part of the world?

Please share.


I have to admit I was motivated to post this when my Google Alert on Open Education yielded a story from Malta:

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Martha wrote this one for our teaching and learning center…

A couple different librarian listservs that I am on here in the US are discussing how to cite ChatGPT. Students and faculty are conducting research using it and don’t know what the citation should look like. We keep going back to broader guidelines like this one from MLA: Its also provided the opportunity to chat about research ethics.

New Hampshire represented, thanks Robin. I’m really curious to know more what educators students on the ground are thinking. It feels like a lot of reactive scrambling.

Thanks Brianna. It’s definitely a hot to boiling over topic. There was a fabulous Equity Unbound online workshop yesterday hosted by @mahabali and see as well her post on a question of citing ChatGTP or not

We were hoping to hear more about the regional/local perceptions of this topic-- how are people talking about it in Colorado? at your institution?

The focus on just one instance of artificial intelligence platform is limiting. But here are a few groups/organizations/institutions in Europe looking at the implications/use of AI for digital heritage and archiving.

Just spotted a perspective from The Netherlands in a blog post from @OpenRobert55 (in Dutch, but I got my translation tools going, perhaps informed by AI)

ChatGPT en open leermaterialen (ChatGPT and Open Learning Resources)

De sentimenten die uit al die berichten spreken waar het de potentiële invloed op het onderwijs betreft vind ik vergelijkbaar met de MOOC-hype rond 2012:

In deze blog deel ik mijn gedachten over de potentiële rol van ChatGPT bij werken met open leermaterialen. Achtereenvolgens beschrijf ik mijn eerste indrukken, een eerste experiment en (ethische) overwegingen die bij gebruik van deze tool zouden moeten worden meegenomen.


After the announcement of the launch of version 3.5 of their chatbot ChatGPT appeared on the OpenAI blog at the end of November, an avalanche of publications arose, with Een Today also devoting attention to it. I find the sentiments that emerge from all those messages regarding the potential influence on education comparable to the MOOC hype around 2012:

In this blog I share my thoughts on the potential role of ChatGPT in working with OER. I successively describe my first impressions, a first experiment and (ethical) considerations that should be taken into account when using this tool.

I appreciate seeing Robert’s reference to and remixes of the MOOC 2012 phenomena (I recognize the Pulp Fiction meme as well as the Day of the MOOC image I recall was tweeted by David Kernohan)

Robert includes a bit of his first impressions experiments, finding the usual misfires in reference sourcing, but then includes some thoughtful words on ethical considerations.

The Netherlands are reporting in! And while I am hear, I encourage you to listen to our recent OEF Voices Podcast with Robert

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