A concept mapping tool

A long time ago, Alan invited me to share about my tool, but I did not have an educational example. Now I have recorded a screencast:

Basically, the tool tries to overcome the one-page paradigm, and it leverages ballistic eye-saccades, to overcome the ‘split attention’ effect of the Cognitive Load Theory.


Thanks for remember that request, Matthias, and thanks for the screencast - I hope you do not mind, I took the liberty of moving the link to your YouTube video to an embed, so easily done in our platform by entering it’s URL on a blank line and pressing return.

For some context, the tool is your Thought Condensr, correct?

Also, because little details are curious to me- what is meaning of the “x28” in your username and blog URL? Ahhm I found the story, that is brilliant. I invite others to read it for themselves.

Yes, it’s my Condensr, and I am very curious what educators think about it. (Many of the Tools-For-Thought folks don’t like it because you have to do the thinking for yourself.)