A solar base digital library to run 24/7 for student school and teacher

Finally my long time hardwork pay off prepare offline digital library to run 24/7 on solar power which can help now thousand of rural area student to have open educational resources now offline. This make my biggest achievement now looking forward for some one help that how we can get thing much better for this and give knowledge to entire community.


Congratulations! :clap:t4:

Care to say a few words about the process which brought you to success? What were the main hurdles?
A lot of people try to accomplish similar things and might be giving up when big obstacles come. So, if you tell them how you went beyond those obstacles, that should help them!

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This is very exciting to see in a photograph, Ramit! I would think we have much interest in this community and I am hopeful (see my direct message) maybe we could arrange a demo via OEG Live.

What content is currently available? How does it work for the offline access, what does a connection from a nearby device look like for a learner? We’d like to be able to see and share how this all works.

Many congratulations on reaching this point.

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Thanks @Enkerli

Actually i was trying to get thing from long time but unable to find the right solution the main problem with Respberry pi b4 is that to provide a constant electricity fianlly i have prepared the device with using some electronics basic componants so that it can work easily for 24/7. Now i m looking forward for some kind of more idea and knowledge that how can we reach with this solution to number of people so that they can also have the powerful resources all the time.

Thanks @cogdog

Soon we will be arrange the meeting with complete full demonstration and provide a live demo. Thanks to the community all this happened cause of some where there littile idea make me easy to do this work.
Hope soon i will catch you on meeting will reply you soon on your inbox also.
Thanks a lot for appreciation.

This is amazing @Rimit1 ! Hope to see this in action soon!


Greetings @Rimit1 - I am curious to how your project has advanced. This would be something we’d like to bring to attention for open education week, but any other time in the future is good too.